Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


The lakefront is Chicago has been shut down because people couldn’t stop congregating in groups.


What’s a good starter Scotch for someone who is Peat-curious?


Do you have the recipe for the bourbon cherry slush? Sounds like a nice warm spring day fun drink.


you could try this stuff. It’s way too sweet for me, but fans of the St. Elmo’s steakhouse swear by it.


Just get a bottle of Ardbeg or Laphroaig or Lagavulin or Talisker or any scotch that says “Peated” like Bruichladdich Octomore series, Port Charlotte Peated…I like Bruichladdich so try one of their peated varieties. Compass Box Peatmonster is supposedly good.


hands down…The Balvenie is the best…


Now that we can all agree on.




Thanks for the suggestion, Nick.


Like I said- it’s a new favorite of mine.

Essentially Nathan Green was the slave that taught Jack Daniel how to distill.

Their story…

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is inspired by the best whiskey-maker the world never knew, the first known African-American master distiller, Nathan “Nearest” Green. The Uncle Nearest brand, wholly owned by Uncle Nearest, Inc., an all minority-led business, encompasses a premium aged whiskey with a blend of 8- to 14- year old, an 11-year-old minimum age single barrel, and a 7-year-old small batch offering, all mellowed using the Lincoln County Process, a unique filtering of bourbon through sugar maple charcoal. This process has been confirmed to have been brought to Tennessee by enslaved people and taught by Nearest Green to the most famous Tennessee Whiskey maker of all time.

Uncle Nearest is the most awarded new American premium whiskey brand in United States history, garnering 75 awards since its July 2017 debut, including being one of two brands named “World’s Best” at Whisky Magazine’s 2019 World Whiskies Awards, and earning 15 Best in Class. Cigar & Spirits Magazine also named Uncle Nearest one of the “Top 5 Whiskies in the World.”


Definitely going to check this out, especially with the ever discerning (to the point of being a hater) recommendation of Monkey.


They make a single barrel I haven’t been able to track down yet. I will report back when I do.

Why I love Monkey…




Very Old Barton (100 proof), when aerated for a while, a couple of hours, becomes a very nice desert bourbon.


And the Willett Family Estate 4 year rye is the kittens knuckles.


La croix lime is the kitty’s titties


The honey and I had some honeybee highballs


Ahem, I recommend you try Spindrifts (multiple flavors) and give me a full report.

After trying it, I think you’ll come to the realization that the natural flavors of LaCroix fall very short.


It’s the only rye that I really really like.

Also, the straight (non pot still) bourbon is getting increasingly difficult to buy. Monkey, I will venmo you some money if you see any around you.


Go fuck yourself, Rodvenie.