Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


The stuff in the heritage label? We don’t see that here either.


Polar seltzer > all seltzers


I liked the spindrifts


Topo Chico> all seltzers (Polar seltzer not included because I haven’t had it)

Do you have Latinx/os in Montana?


I do prefer naturally sparkling water over carbonation added types.


I do like San Pellegrino and lime Perrier. What the fuck happened to this thread?


i love pellegrino but only with ice and a lime wedge…

but let’s get back on topic…

anyone ever try the new cherry coke w/ vanilla?


Vernors, Neighbor!

How about a Handsome Johnny - Smirnoff Vodka and diet Vernors ginger ale.


you had me till the diet part…

also, vernors taste like cat piss after that cat ate a bag of broccoli and asparagus


Cream soda and bourbon is a nice mixed drink. Better that bourbon/coke, I say.


The Dr. Pepper and Cream Soda is evil good.


love me some creamed soda…but dr. pepper tastes like cough medicine…and not the good kind.