Bourbon, Whiskey, Spirits thread


The stuff in the heritage label? We don’t see that here either.


Polar seltzer > all seltzers


I liked the spindrifts


Topo Chico> all seltzers (Polar seltzer not included because I haven’t had it)

Do you have Latinx/os in Montana?


I do prefer naturally sparkling water over carbonation added types.


I do like San Pellegrino and lime Perrier. What the fuck happened to this thread?


i love pellegrino but only with ice and a lime wedge…

but let’s get back on topic…

anyone ever try the new cherry coke w/ vanilla?


Vernors, Neighbor!

How about a Handsome Johnny - Smirnoff Vodka and diet Vernors ginger ale.


you had me till the diet part…

also, vernors taste like cat piss after that cat ate a bag of broccoli and asparagus


Cream soda and bourbon is a nice mixed drink. Better that bourbon/coke, I say.


The Dr. Pepper and Cream Soda is evil good.


love me some creamed soda…but dr. pepper tastes like cough medicine…and not the good kind.


I came to brag about the smoked whiskey I bought my husband for Father’s day and see this thread is now my speed. Dry Sodas. I love this shit. Lavender, rhubarb, cucumber.


I got a bottle of this for Father’s Day.


I always drink the same stuff, so I got a sampler yesterday. I’ve only had the two on the far left. Both Speyside, style, correct? I loved the Glenfiddich.

I’ll eventually put them in different categories (Scotch, Bourbon, Whiskey) and rank them from left to right. Only two down and I like Glenfid more than Macallan.

Some of these are fairly common, but I think it’s more difficult to get smaller batch stuff in the Airline bottles. Love for you folks to weigh in on these.


That’s one hell of a sampler.


Wife got this from a company called “BroBasket.”

Awful name, great sampler collection.


BroBasket corporate HQ.


Thanks Ely! I know what I’m getting my husband for his birthday.

We drink Bulleit frequently - we’ll use both the bourbon and rye in cocktails frequently.


I’ve heard good things about Bulleit.

I keep waiting for @monkey to come in here and shatter every bottle in the collection with his ass-cerbic wit.

Let’s say I came upon some money and wanted to take Monkey, Balv, Nick, and any random kind Englishmen to Scotland to sample their specialities. What are the top spots? (e.g. what is your favorite style of Scottish whiskey?)