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Our trip up to Beaver Island was a camping trip. A friend of mine and I drove up to Charlevoix and took the ferry across to the island… that was a 2-and-a-half hour boat ride from hell. People puking all over the place… lucky we took Imodium(?) and had no problems. The dog that was sitting near us threw up all over the seat.

The third member of our group drove his Avion Camper trailer up there and over on the ferry. That was only a small part of the challenge - his camper is over 50 years old, but he has been refurbishing it. Getting it up the logging trail to the bluff where he owns 20 acres of prime woods presented the greatest challenge. Up there you travel with a chain saw in your car at all times as there are trees downed on some of the dirt roads.

We ended up getting the trailer up to the prime spot atop the bluff, and was able to level it and position it in a good spot… after cutting down about 4 or 5 good size trees in able to fit it in. It was a successful day we spent getting things set up with him. We had planned to come home on the ferry that left at 11:30 on Saturday, but decided to stay an extra day in order to have time to get the tour of the island from Alex who had been up there 20 times or more. He studied there for a semester when he went to Central Michigan.

Absolutely beautiful area, especially in the fall. Some of the most beautiful fresh-water beaches in the world and you have them all to yourself. Other beaches are all rocks. No bears or wolves on the island, but a lot of deer and coyotes. I’m sure my bow-hunting traveling buddies would have loved to be hunting, but we had work to do.



That looks like an awesome adventure and a good time.


Wow that looks great!


i wanna go w/ you!!!

awesome dougo


Looks incredible. Glad you were able to get in before the snow.

I have a great big warm spot in my heart for Michigan. I worked summers at Boyne Highlands in Harbor Springs when I was sixteen and eighteen and there was absolutely no better way to spend those months.

I considered moving there when I was nineteen but ended up being able to get up there in January and that was enough to cure me of that notion. That said, the late spring, summer, and early fall are ridiculously enchanting.


Harbor Springs is right there… it is quite beautiful all year around, but winters aren’t for everybody. However the snowmobilers and ice fishermen prefer that time of year without the influx of “fudgies”.


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Ryan? Is that you?