Can we finally agree to change the name of this place to something NOT DRA PEDO related?


I understand what you are saying. I do. But exposing yourself to someone that you are constantly asking for age verification isn’t a good look. He’s whipping it out to a girl that would have to ask me to buy her. Juul


And yet she participated for all those months. It was all over the phone so she could have easily not answered, not responded to texts, not participated. It certainly wasn’t right for either of them to do but if she felt it was abuse it would have been very easy to say stop texting me or just stop responding!


Hell no don’t change it. This pedo has brought more action to the board than we’ve seen in years.


She is a victim. I’m kind of shocked at the comments about how these women continued to participate. Especially since the comments are coming from women. This is the kind of thing you expect to hear from a man with a Camaro and a small dick.


bullshit. she’s not to blame at all in this. a fucking star struck dumbfounded confused kid. i side w/ the kid on this one…not the grown starlet fucking abusive POS


HOW ABOUT PREDATOR DAN? does that work for you?



i can’t believe anyone is coming to his defense? what the fuck


definition schmefinition. predator, pig, jerk manipulating adult wielding perceived power and influence for sexual favors and nudes.



All I’m saying is it is easy to stop talking to someone when it’s all over text, Skype, etc.

I’m in no way saying Ryan was right. He took advantage and crossed the line for sure. He’s a dick to women. But he’s not a rapist and he never put his hands on this girl.

The other women can call him out for being an asshole, bad husband, bad boyfriend and all, but I wouldnt call them abused women.


sorry lb
he’s abusive.


I’m not coming to his defense. He took advantage of these women. If a man came to Ryan with good songs and ambition they wouldn’t be subjected to any of this (I think) and I’m glad these women came and outed him for being a creep so other women don’t fall into the same trap, but they will. These women all got together, compared notes and are rightfully outraged and angry. I hope that within this anger everyone is being fair and honest.

All I’m saying is does him being a total creep (so far) justify having your face plastered all over social media like you’re Harvey Weinstein? Maybe this is the tip of the iceberg. Yeesh.


he’s no harvey. but again, the underage girl teenager??? seals the fucking deal for me. that’s a line for me i’m not willing to give on.


I don’t have daughters, but I thought the stories about the two songwriters who were invited to his studio under the guise of professional guidance/collaboration but THEN he made overtures was far worse than Snapchatting with a teen.


Yes, that one pissed me off. She already had a career and he just toyed with her. I think this one is pretty common. He put a lot of these ladies off playing music. I dated a guy like that. What he was doing was always more important than what I was doing. I quit playing too for a while. Doesn’t seem like a big deal but it’s depressing if that’s a joy in your life.


“All I’m saying is does him being a total creep (so far) justify having your face plastered all over social media like you’re Harvey Weinstein? Maybe this is the tip of the iceberg.”


Ask thousands of women who organized a movement. #metoo


Aside from the sexting with a minor all these women are doing is taking advantage of the me too movement by outing someone who was an asshole to them.
There’s a difference between someone being an asshole, jerk, what have you to someone who truly intimidates women with their future careers by forcing themselves on them or actually says “if you don’t give me sexual favors I will basically ruin your career.”

Women who want to be taken seriously shouldn’t take advantage of what the “me too” movement is truly about by running their ex boyfriend or ex husband through the mud.
This is why women see something wrong with why Ryan’s ex girlfriends went to a magazine.
I’m still trying to understand how Mandy Moore is trying to make it sound like abuse just because Ryan told her she’s not a musician.
That’s just privileged white girl problems.


I think the best example of this was the Asiz Anszaria story. Not with Ryan and Asiz, but you remember that a while back about a woman complaining about essentially what was a bad date?


i don’t see it that way.

from the bbc:
Familiar behaviour
After the report was published on Wednesday, dozens of female artists came forward to say they had been through similar experiences in the music industry.

“None of this is surprising to female artists,” wrote country musician Caroline Rose on Twitter.

“This is an important article,” added singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton. “This also cracks the door on more like him in our industry. There are more. We’re all fed up.”

“Literally find me a woman in the music industry who hasn’t had a some dude pull that Ryan Adams ‘I wanna help you’ with strings attached [expletive]?” wrote music journalist Jessica Hopper.

“And like in this story, these are some of the reasons women abandon careers, keep their dreams private, record in their bedrooms alone.”

“Having to perpetually question if a potential collaborator is interested in you musically or personally is an enormous and unspoken barrier for women in music,” said Tamara Lindeman, of Canadian folk band The Weather Station.

“Every gatekeeper is a man. And so you have to ask yourself.”


If someone threatens to kill themselves because you don’t answer a text, that is abuse.