Can we finally agree to change the name of this place to something NOT DRA PEDO related?


If this ends up outing more people in the industry, it’s a good thing.

Unrelated, Balv once Snapchatted to show me his flugelhorn, which was surprising…

because I always thought of him as a woodwinds guy.


Fucking wow.


The underage girl story was messed up, but the other stories about him being a manipulative dick were stuff we basically already knew. The Phoebe Bridgers part was posted here a few months ago. No excuses though, he deserves whatever happens to him.


The information about the relationship with the underage girl should be sufficient enough for everyone to decide he’s the kind of garbage human being that you don’t want to know. Listening to his music at this point would make me feel like a pro-DRA sympathizer.


I dont see innocent women who never had a relationship with Ryan making the accusations. I see jaded lovers accusing him of being an asshole.
Can someone seriously tell me that Ryan manipulated Mandy Moore into marrying her? Most of us interacted with him on the board. He was no sexual predator there.
And we all know Ryan’s behavior was common knowledge before Mandy married him.
Now I supposed to say, "you GO girl! Give him what he deserves!"
Please. I’m not gonna feel sorry for anybody.


Everyone see this? He deleted it pretty quickly I guess. Me and Godspeed (from the org) were laughing our asses off about it yesterday.


Some of these women were looking for legitimate help with their music careers. If he was offering them that through promises through his studio then making sexual advances, it’s different than a scorned ex.


Yeah agreed. He took advantage of young women and he knew he was doing it. The Mandy Moore issue should be separate but it just shows more of his pattern of behavior.


Again. All you need to know from the NYT article is that Ryan Adams had an inappropriate relationship with an underaged girl from 14 to 16 years of age. He KNEW she was underage. He exposed himself to her and spoke to her in a sexual way. I can ALMOST be on board with you logic on the adult women. ALMOST. But he had a relationship of a sexual nature (Yes, I know it was not physical.) with a minor. If that’s not enough to put you in the anti-DRA camp then you are damaged.


I agree, everyone in the music industry should do what all corporations do and have classes about sexual harassment and discrimination.


Again. All you need to know from the NYT article is that relationship…

Are you serious???
How about the National Enquirer too?
All I need to know is from charges placed on him and what the court of law says.


Why are you even here? DIdn’t flee this place or one of the previous manifestations because you got your feelers hurt? I had thought that the last time you took your ball and went home you would have stayed gone.


No, I didn’t flee. I left because I had better things to do than read what was happening here.
And let’s take a look at what you just said to me. Maybe I should go all over the internets and let the world know how abusive you are because I’m not jumping onto your bandwagon, Monkey.


lol. You’re also delusional. I’m being abusive?


Replying to me in a hostile manner?
Accusing me of being delusional?
Yes, that’s a form of abuse.


Wow. Now I can invision you wearing a red MAGA hat too.


That actually made me laugh out loud. :smile:


You weren’t being replied to with hostility and saying you’re delusional isn’t even remotely close to being abusive.


I made my point.


You really didn’t.