Can we finally agree to change the name of this place to something NOT DRA PEDO related?


Come on Monkey don’t get mad at her for having an opinion.


Can’t we just focus all of this energy on agreeing that Ryan Adams is a huge piece of shit?


Caused major problems with my setlist for gigs I have this weekend…


Sure, it’s more accurate than pedophile.


I’m not mad at her. :slight_smile:




When will we get a photoshop thread with Big Colors, Neverland Ranch/PaxAM and Chris Hansen?


Don Henley got caught coking up and molesting some teenage thing back in the day. Pretty standard protocol for musician. I’m not surprised and I don’t care.



You should care. And fuck Don Henley.


I’ve got better things to care about… like which Hollywood high school cheerleader I’m going to walk home and ravage next. Go fuck yourself.




Remember Rob Lowe and his underage sex video? He got a pass pretty much right away. Different times.


Doesn’t mean you have to accept their behaviours or allow them to be an acceptable norm in your personal every day.


I don’t think anyone here is (except mr gay)
It’s just that there’s SO MANY assholes just like him it’s kind of shocking that this is shocking. Particularly in Hollywood. I think this is nearly on par with Terry Richardson without slapping his dick on someone’s face but that’s coming.


I understand. I do think that you have a moral obligation to cut those people out of your entertainment coffers though. I’m sure there are people out there that still support and excuse the behaviour of Gary Glitter though.


If I stopped listening to someone’s music it would be because the music no longer resonates with me… not their personal life. Ryan has always sung about what a douche he is


One of the easiest reasons I’m certain I couldn’t be friends with you. Character has to stand for something.

Also…fucking bump.


let’s change it to


How about Credit where credit is due.


Ryan’s songs do sound different to me now after the abuse allegations. I can’t listen to his music anymore and reading the lyrics of his songs as pure poetry makes me embarrassed that I was a fan for so long. I haven’t listened to his albums since winter. I’ve noticed that the prices for his albums has plummeted at record stores


If you can’t listen to it how do they sound different? Asking for a friend.