Cardinals unreleased recordings 2006–2007


Okay, I have gone down the rabbit hole the last couple of months and are trying to figure out more exactly what Cardinal recordings were made 2006–2007 – that is all the sessions that resulted in ET and, eventually, III/IV – and a boatload of unreleased tracks.

Anyone got some qualified info on this, beyond the usual facts, for example, what has already been posted on mega-superior gold?

Among the known facts is that ET and III/IV were preceded by sessions that produced the Sad Dracula demos, albums called (among other things) “War and Peace” and “Star Wars”, “Blackhole”. There were also supposedly recordings with Phil Lesh. Some of Lost Highway’s reference discs is detailed on Discogs, including “War and Peace”, “RAT Classics Vol II” (yes, I remember the JackStark incident concerning that one) and “February Mixes” (if I remember correctly). Future and other YouTubers have also posted some REALLY interesting stuff in HQ that has since been taken down (cough, cough, “Party Clown”, “People Make Mistakes”, “Lighthouses”, re-recorded version, etc.)

Anyhow, in the second half of 2006 LH rejected the proposed albums Ryan turned in and some of the stuff later appeared on ET and III/IV (mostly remixed or re-recorded).

What I am more specifically trying to figure out is stuff like: are “RAT Classics Vol I&II” (there is obviously a number one) really “Star Wars” and what songs were then on that album and RAT Classics Vol I? Did the original tracklisting for “Blackhole” contain songs that appeared on “III/IV” (that could be the reason that Ryan re-recorded it in the 2010s)? Did they record “Arkham Asylum” and “Trouble on Wheels” (the holy grails of unreleased studio versions of Cardinals songs, at least in my book)? What are all the reference discs and what are the track listings? Etc., etc.

Consider these questions as an attempt to begin a discussion (I have A LOT more things that puzzles me and in-put on the subject) …

P.S. On a side not, during my pondering I figured out the reason that many of the leaked Ryan albums are in low quality (except 48 HRS which is a reference disc cd rip): the leaked versions are simply cassette tape rips. Perhaps this is common wisdom – but I had not realized this before (consider me somewhat dim-witted).


I have no information on any of this. But, I’ll suggest that maybe there never was a “RAT Classics Vol I”. Perhaps, Ryan was just fucking with us with RAT Classics Vol II. Kinda like the Travelling Wilburys. Their first album was titled “Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1” . Their second album was “Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3” . There never was a “Traveling Wilburys Vol. 2”. They were just having a bit of fun.

As for the rest of it…I quit obsessing over Ryan’s unreleased stuff long ago. If it ever sees the light of day, great. If not, there’s plenty of other good music out there. My gut tells me we ain’t ever hearing any of the shit Ryan has withheld the past 15 years. So there’s no point in racking our brains over it.

Besides, isn’t Ryan Adams quitting music for the fashion business? His official website has like twenty T shirts for sale but only two albums.


Anyhow…the site used to be a great reference site but it no longer exists except for what can be accessed at . Here’s a link. Don’t know if you’ll find anything.


If @Jerry doesn’t have it, you’re unlikely to find it on this board. The redditors definitely collect stuff like this, though (I’ve been a sub member since 2013 and it’s so small that I read everything). I would use Google to find the old threads debating this stuff and then DM the users who claim to have what you’re looking for. I’ve definitely gotten access to files there in the past, most of them are happy to share, but since the Wednesdays leak and these whiny white knight new comers, they’re more quiet about file sharing.


Interesting angle on RAT. However, I have second-hand information that there in fact are a first volume. And if you compare what is on, for example, the reference discs for “War and Peace” and RAT vol II you can clearly see that a lot of tracks that were later released on ET or III/IV are not on them.

This track is also pretty interesting in this context:

About the obsessing about the unreleased stuff part, I also reckon’ that Ryan will not be able to release these recordings, probably for a number of reasons. There were, however, reference discs for pretty much of all his recordings for LH and I know people sit on bits and pieces of information about them.


Interesting – thanks! Which reddit subs are we talking about – I have not been able to fond any with more qualified information/comments?


Good luck!! I got burned out on looking for Ryan Adams’ unreleased stuff. I just gave up the ghost. Keep me posted if you find any good info.


Will do. I ripped “Party Clown” and “People Make Mistakes” (a new version of “Listen to the Radio”) when they were up on YouTube. Both excellent tracks. I can put them in the dropbox later, when my 90 days of quarantine are over.


For shits & giggles, I’m looking for these website albums from 2006 & 2007. These are just Ryan fucking off but some of them were kinda funny. But, there were a handful of worthwhile songs as well. I think someone at the ripped these and archived them. I’d love to get them just for a trip down memory lane. These were not meant to be serious. I suspect Ryan just did this stuff to keep himself busy while getting sober back then.

Warren Peace - War & Peace

Sad Dracula - Fasterpiece
Sad Dracula - Let It B-Minus

DJ Reggie – Song Destroyer
DJ Reggie - Holla Dayz Inn
DJ Reggie - Hip-Hop Breaker
DJ Reggie - East Side Story
DJ Reggie - A Reginald Gangsta
DJ Reggie - 1980 x 1,000
DJ Reggie - 4.20 : 20
DJ Reggie - Snapz the Clown

Cardinal Shits - You are the Audience

The Shit - This Is Shit
The Shit - Slef Protrait
The Shit - Holy Shit!
The Shit - …Hits The Fans
The Shit - Hillbilly Joel
The Shit - General Ulysses S Hospital
The Shit - Christmas Apocalypse (part 2)
The Shit - The Movie

WereWolph - Feel The Laser
WereWolph - The Meat Won’t Listen

Rhoda Ro - Khaki Time Portal

Ghetto Birds - The Dunes


Is that 90 day rule really a thing? I was just fucking around.


I love Ryan’s obsessive song posting during that era (Hillbilly FTW).

Sad Dracula are demos.


Just the regular Ryan Adams one. Here’s an example of a thread relevant to one of the things you mentioned:

I found this by googling “reddit ryanadams lighthouses” Reddit search does not work, but Google works great if you know how to use it. I would search for the names of the Cardinals you think were recording or any other unique keywords you think might pull really specific threads.


I am very easily duped.


Yeah, those were fun times. That silly web shit & all the great Cardinals shows that were up on . Have you tried this site? Perhaps, someone there can shed more light on the subject.


Yeah, I get the same kind of hits. But I only find questions and no qualified intel.


Yeah, I am a member. Some very serious people there but no-one with substantial info on beyond mega-superior, basically.


There might very well be a wait period. it would make sense, I guess. She wouldn’t just give access to folks who posted once or twice over a one month period. Come to think of it. There used to be plenty of newbies that would show up looking for leaks of Blackhole, Big Colors, Wednesdays, etc. You just gotta earn that trust, man!! j/k


What about this?

I came across this bad boy by just using “reddit ryanadams files” …. Clearly OP is collecting files and isn’t morally opposed to sharing.


Looks like The Bedhead Series. Those were commonly circulated back in the day as I recall. They were “Live Collections”. Some good stuff though. Some good unreleased originals. Oslow County comes to mind.


Not a RA fan but @dommodkees is there so I had to join because he is my cosmic co-virgo twin.