Cardinals unreleased recordings 2006–2007




Cowboy sessions, suicide handbook, both pink hearts sessions, and elizabethtown sessions can all be found in true lossless, as they came from promo CD or CDR rips. There’s also a dvd of the “curtain of lights” session, which I think is the same as the Avatar sessions? The Q Division session sounds like it came from a tape though.


Yup. However, there were multiple leaks - for example, the one I have heard from Darkbreaker/Etown is a rip from a cassette tape.
About Avatar, the dvd rip is unfortunately not HQ audio (I guess DVD transfers fuck things up).


If anyone sits on a 320/FLAC of “Darkbreaker”, I would be very grateful for a PM.


The “Destroyer” leaks I have seen is also from tape. However, I know that there is a lossless LH reference disc.


There’s also a lossless version of the avatar sessions as well, as I recall. A lot of it came from Joel. Pm the fuck out of that cunt on Facebook.


I don’t think I have the Avatar sessions. Can anyone share them? Are these the Easy Tiger live in studio sessions? I think there was a promo DVD with three songs that was given out at indie record stores when you bought ET?


I found videos of the Avatar sessions on my extremely old EHD. There are four videos.
I can’t remember where I got them… Do you want them?

Never mind, the video quality is really bad because I ripped them to watch on my iPod back when they came out.
But the music is there so if you want them for that, meaning if you want to “hear” the songs without watching the videos, I can share.


Thanks but I’m just seeking the audio files. I think some of the videos are on YouTube. Thanks again!!


Ok, I did look for the audio files but I must have them on another EHD which I can’t seem to find.
If I do find them, I’ll let you know.


Thanks!! I might have had these a long time ago. But, the sound quality was so poor that I deleted the files I had. I can’t remember.


I figured out why I don’t have them, they’re probably on my EHD that I left in Hawaii.
Sorry I couldn’t help you guys out. :disappointed:


I will gladly share the DVD-rip of Avatar/Curtain of Lights – it is 16 tracks in VBR (not lossless) – it is ET live in studio.


Thanks!! This is the promo DVD I have from 2007. It’a just the three songs from ET.


yep. i know at least 3 people that have all this shit…all i’d have to do is ask but I think they’re mad at me cause they know I don’t like what ryan did and who he is…
Darren C is one of em.

just remember…when you get that hankering to rekindle any sort of love interest with ryan’s music…just read this…again…and again…


No problemo. PM your email – I will send it by Sprend (I do not have access to the dropbox just yet).


Yeah, valid point, Balvenie and I fully respect your perspective. Personally, I reckon I lost hope/respect/etc for Ryan as a human being around the time The Cardinals broke up. [EDITED]

However, I still consider his musical output until “Cardinology” to be extraordinary by any standard (the pinnacle being The Cardinals 2005–2007) and I guess that I look at him in about the same way that I look at the other dark souls in my record collection (for one thing, I have a significant Van Morrison section).


Yep. For me…there’s always been Ryan Adams the musician & Ryan Adams the person. And it hasn’t always been easy trying to reconcile the two. But, I have managed to do so. I can still enjoy his music while not liking him or some of the shit he says/does. Although, I still believe the quality of his musical output from 1995-2007 vs. 2008 to present is night & day.


Yeah, I thought that. Don’t think that’s what it was, and really harsh putting that at his door as well.


Ok, then I delete. Truly sorry about that mistake.