Cardinals unreleased recordings 2006–2007


Yes, there is Houses On The Hill. I’ve been rummaging through a bunch of CDRs that I got over the years & Bedhead VI Disc 5 was one of them. But, the CDR I have actually has 25 tracks instead of 20. I actually took the time listen to it. And the 5 extra tracks on my CDR are

Anything But No
Let There Be A Light (??? not sure on the name of this one. Didn’t recognize it.)
#1 On Billboard For The Deaf (??? not sure either. Just an instrumental jam, I think)
??? Jam (another instrumental Jam).


I think it was more that RyRy didn’t want Lost Highway to be able to lay claim to any of the material on disc 5, or something like that. So Mr Swaney said in a post on RAA (or PM to me), once upon a time.

Not sure why, but the track listing got renumbered when I pasted it, sorry about that. Here’s another attempt, with numbers next to the untitled ones:

  1. Hard Way To Fall
  2. Twenty Nine
  3. Jam > Kill the Lights
  4. City Rain, City Streets
  5. Hello Gracie
  6. Ultra Violet Light
  7. Caribbean Queen (Billy Ocean cover)
  8. Robot Fuck
  9. Wasteland
  10. Everything In Its Right Place (Radiohead cover)
  11. Dear John “Woody Harrelson’s Larry Flynt on a Bad Trip” remix
  12. Judy Garland (f/k/a She Turns It Up To Ten)
  13. No
  14. “We Are Harmonizing On Something” Jam
  15. The Wizard (Black Sabbath cover)
  16. Happy Birthday
  17. Houses On The Hill (Whiskeytown cover )
  18. Kisses Star Wars
  19. Cemetery Hill
  20. Star Wars


and then he stopped allowing peeps to record altogether!!!


I wouldn’t still be recording him these days, even if he did allow it. Yawnsville.


Imagine recording any live song off of Wednesdays and Big Colors. To quote David Cross- “I would rather hear the death rattle of my first born.”


Isn’t that the title of one of the songs on Wednesdays or Big Colors?


Nah, none of his sycophants would buy a shirt with those lyrics on it. These idiots clamor for merch with his fucking cat on it.


and the proboards forum is GONE


Yeah, I saw that too … : (


Does anyone know anything substantial about this?
Basically, it is an upload of outtakes from the JCN session on the internet archive that you can only listen to in 30 seconds snippets. I did some digging and it seems like the 30 seconds restriction is often applied in retrospect to uploads that have been found copyright-sensitive. It does not seem to be an official Lost Highway disc or anything – anyone have any info about the upload or maybe even heard it in its entirety? At least, there seems to be a theoretical chance that someone downloaded the whole caboodle befor they slapped on the 30 seconds thing.
From what I can hear, the demonstration recordings of “Games” and “Peaceful Valley” sounds awesome, in particular.


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Okay, I have done some armchair detective work on the cold case of the sessions and the reference discs for Easy Tiger.

Currently, there are two known: “Rat Classics Vol II” or RAT2 ( and “Color Bars” ( After some prancing around in circles and talking to myself, my hypothesis now is that there are at least two more similar reference discs.

Vital in this context is that it has been stated in interviews that the Cardinals recorded 60+ songs during the ET sessions ( If you do the maths in relation to what is, on the one hand, on the tracklistings of RAT2 and Color Bars (about 30 songs) and, on the other, Easy Tiger and III/IV (where the songs ended up - about 40 songs, including bonus tracks) there are about 20 officially released tracks “missing” from the two known reference discs (RAT2 and CB). And 20 tracks are most likely too much to fit on a reference disc of roughly the same size as RAT2 and Color Bars.

If we suppose that there are, in fact, two more reference discs the numbers do seem to add up – together they would contain the other 20 officially released tracks and something like 10 more “unknowns” (the equivalents to “Party Clown”, “People Make Mistakes”, etc.). Then each disc would have about the same proportions when it comes to known and unknown tracks as RAT2 and CB (about 10 that appears on either ET or III/IV and about 5 more unknowns).

Back on the old forum, there was a dude who claimed to have had RAT1 but that the disc was too damaged to play. If that was true, then there is also at least another disc titled Rat Classics (Vol I). Then it would follow that there is also a RAT3, Color Bars 2 or something like that.

Anyone have any qualified intel on this or perspectives that weaken my hypothesis? Basically, the reason that this issue haunts me, is that neither “Arkham Asylum” or “Trouble on Wheels” (which I love to pieces) have appeared in studio versions and judging by their live debuts (September–October 2006), it seems likely that they were recorded during the ET sessions.


i’m still waiting for the nashville ryman show from 2004 . . . i believe it was the first or close to first Cardinals show …the audience recording is great and the setlist is amazing…but the sbd would be even better


Ryan should really start to put this stuff out, at least on bandcamp or something. It is almost mind-boggling that there are no official live releases from the Cardinals.

However, apparently he did play “Walls” on the instagram live feed last night, so he is at least doing one thing right. He also pulled out “Angelina” and “Miss Sunflower”.


Just noticed by chance that there is actually a promo of the Ryman 2004 show up on discogs. But something tells me that you might have noticed that too.


yes sir :slight_smile:


Several of the tracks were released as a bonus side on the vinyl version of JCN. Specifically A Kiss Before I Go (electric demo), Jeane, Always on my Mind and I Still Miss Someone. They all sound the same from the snippets except for I Still Miss Someone which I think is mislabeled on I have rips of all of those, and the electric version of September which is really good too. I have a studio version of Jim which may be the same one and What Sin which I think is the same one. Never heard full studio versions of Diamonds or Hearts, Already Going and Gone or Sad What We Do To Feel Love. And the My Love For You studio versions I have are from the Cowboy Tech Sessions and the actual release on Follow the Lights EP. Admittedly I’m not in the RA trade anymore, but I just looked all these up on my hard drive.


Great to hear from you and thank you for checking your hard drive, Waves! The JCN bonus tracks are truly awesome – hands down the best bonus stuff that he has put out, at least in my book.
I am particularly fond of the demonstration recordings for “A Kiss …” and “September” (and consider it criminal that the studio “rock” versions of “Games” and “Peaceful Valley” are still in the vaults). I have only seen “September” in 192, though – as I understand it, it was only sold in 192 on Ryan’s website back in the days (but I have heard that there is a hi-res version on a promo). And the version of “Jim” that I have come across is (a very good soundboard capture from) a live show.
BTW, while you are not in the Ryan trade anymore, I just got to mention that I recently found out that the acoustic studio version of “What Sin …” was on the original version of JCN titled September – I think it was track number 3 after “The End” (only seen that one in 153, though). Otherwise, the track-list was the same.


I’m new here and an avid collector of all things Ryan, thinking I’d got pretty much everything I read about, and struggling to find ‘Rat Classics’ and ‘Color Bars’. Any help would be appreciated.