Cardinals unreleased recordings 2006–2007


Okay, but this really goes against the very purpose of this site.


This site has a purpose?


Absolutely. We’re not all Gen X slackers.


Slackers of all generations…UNITE!!!


How many Ryans does it take to make an album?

  1. One to make the record.

And 99 to talk about how good the old ones are.


checks out.


Check out Ryan’s latest Romeo & Juliet album, he included the last Cardinals recording In the Meadow. You’re in for a treat because it captures them in an almost live fashion. Granted I never saw them live.




It is a great track (I am a avid Cardinals nerd). Although I am very grateful for being able to blast it, I am a bit puzzled over why he chose to include it – one single Cardinals track in a sea of recordings from the Big C etc sessions. Arguably, it sticks out. Ryan also claims that he played bass on every track. First, I suspected that he had just re-recorded all the parts himself but people I have talked to say that they are certain that it is the Cardinals (I am myself not a musician and I know that Ryan is accomplished on a range of instruments). Notably, another thing that makes the track stand out is the tape fuss – hopefully there will be a more polished version when R&J hits the streaming services (similar to the Chris debacle).


His albums are just turds now. Not warm, smelly, fresh turds, but old desiccated bone white turds you might find on an unmowed summer lawn.


“In the Blue of the Night” is a mighty fine turd.


you gonna share the album w/ me or what?


There was so much shit-talking about the album that I genuinely thought that no one wanted a sniff (of course I will, Balv – d-boxed).

As I said above, I do not think R&J works as a double album as a whole, but I think there are some great tunes – “In the Blue of the Night” but also “Poor Connection”, “In the Meadow”, “Run” and “At Home with the Animals”.

And for the record, the first line on the record is not – I repeat not – “toss my sallad”, although that is what I thought I heard at first.


in the blue of the night …it’s not bad…it’s no willow lane or shining through the dark (eg best of the last 10 years) I don’t like the drums on blue of the night. i feel like it’s too much


Yeah, he definitively has a drum problem. Also miss the slide. It is almost like he will do anything to avoid coming too close to Brad P’s and John G’s signature sound (probably knows deep inside that it will never be as good).

Also think that “Jacksonville” (on the digital single) is a keeper.


If by that you mean Cindy C, then yes.


He recruited her again for the scrapped album Haywire (she plays on “Shining Through the Dark”). But I genuinely think that Ryan connected in another way musically with Graboff. In the Highway Butterfly broadcast Graboff and Pemberton talk about how they were floored by how good they played together when they first heard the BBC Four 2007 performance … and then they heard Canal +, which they thought was even stronger.


@bakamomo Did you post on the DRA Reddit today about unofficial releases?


I was thinking about the musical production style of RA in the past 8 years (since the S/T came out). I think he’s just stuck in the 80s now; it’s like he’s drunk on that heart-pounding drum sound and drowning everything in reverb. Hell, I’m guilty of dialing up the reverb too much, but I always go back at the mixing stage and turn it back down on pretty much everything I do :joy:. I feel like it puts you in the moment so well when you’re doing a live take, but stepping back after a few days, it’s almost always a good idea to turn it down a few dB.

Maybe the solution here is to somehow get someone to produce RA’s next record, and not have it be a self-produced thing. Perhaps that stops the reverb overload. Maybe.


[edited] No, sorry, I am innocent (at least this time) if you mean this post:

However, gotta admit I have been severely haunted by the very thought of some of the tracks on this baby for quite some time: