Cardinals unreleased recordings 2006–2007


That seems both likely and reasonable.


Brad and Jon did an interesting interview related to the Neal Casal Highway Butterfly release that came out in the past months (actually, a friend of mine conducted the interview! She’s met so many of these folks, it’s really cool, she does a great job – see Hearing about what RA did in those early days to Brad was just insane to me. But of course, Brad and Jon got along great with Neal, because, well, who hasn’t?

I’ve come to realize I identify with Neal’s music and albums so much in the past 5 years or so, and of course the things he’s done with the CRB. I feel like a lot of my guitar playing is probably an homage to the way he played – at least, the way I do lead guitar feels like Neal to me. Or just my best attempt at emulating the way he does it.


I really appreciate Neal’s playing and his art.

I saw CRB out at the Bell’s Beer garden back in 2019. Here’s a photo of him I shot that day and a portrait he shot that day of an employee at the gate.


Thanks a lot for sharing @DougoBlue! These are great photos! Looks like a cool place to see Neal play (or any music for that matter).