Do they interact? My cat gets jealous, I think, when other animals are around and either sods off or is a total dick to me.


My dog gets jealous when I pet my cat and not him. He tries to get in between us sometimes so I can’t pet her but I just pet them both. He just wants to be pet all the time though.

Three years in and now the cat licks him on his head and sometimes even lays with him! I caught this the other night:


When I searched for dogs on petfinder I said our house has a cat so they only looked for dogs that like cats.







Buddy died in January and now this one follows me around instead.



He don’t do shit.


He’s so pretty though. I love his color.


That couch on the other hand is an eyesore.


New lens. The Calico was my model. :smiley_cat:





maybe grim can come over and help monkey out and redecorate?


What kind of working budget will be involved?


The working budget is you give me money.



I’m on it.


Wow, monkeys place looks better already.