I have a gift :blush:



Morning cat yoga!


Balls & Big Eyes bumping heads :cat:


This is Hana-chan.
I made a cat mint garden for the strays so that they can come and get their cat mint fix, relax and hang out. Some of them get right in there and sit right on the cat mint.
They must really enjoy it! :yum:



This is a new feral cat. His name is “Red” (very unoriginal, I know. I can’t be bothered to come up with a special name).
I first saw Red two blocks away about a month ago. He’d been coming to our yard to drink water but would always run away. About a week ago, I started leaving food for him when I saw him eating the bread that I leave out for the birds and now he’s learned to show up and get breakfast and dinner from me. He’s starting to hang out in the yard during the day which is good because it keeps him away from the cars and other cats. Judging by his size, he looks like he’s about 5-6 months old.

Red eating his breakfast:


from Cat Lazers on fb




Meet Olive!



New kitty?


Here’s a better picture of Red. The other one looked like he was pooping! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Monkey, you get a new cat?
She looks great! :smiley_cat:



And Olive is such a cute name!



Yes. She’s our new roommate. Boris doesn’t care for her just yet…she’s kind of a dick. For being only half Boris’ size she is mean to him. They’ll get along or I’ll move out and let them fight it out. :wink:



Poor kitty.



A rare moment