Dutchie this morning:



cats ignore you on purpose


Not sure you can read that link but it is from the Wall Street Journal.


A well-known anti-feline publication.



Seems as if the Guardian is much more fair and balanced when it comes to kitties.


The NY Times is notoriously biased.


and another…


So much spin, everywhere.


I know my name, but you can’t get me to fetch to save your ass.





So true


Still not a cat person at all, but we’re considering getting an outdoor one. One of our shelters has a barn cat program where you can adopt cats that aren’t sociable and don’t do well inside.

We have a small outbuilding, a 3rd garage on the back of the house and our sunroom if it were to be too cold or stormy. I want something that will help scare away the critters. And will be okay with occasional pets when we’re out by the fire pit, on the deck or porch.





i was just coming to post this:


CBD pills could have helped that grumpy cat. I have heard they are very effective with urinary tract infections for dogs and cats.