It’s easier to avoid unary tract infections by urinating after sex. I presume that includes cats and dogs.


or during…


I hear that’s how “grumpy cat” is defined in the urban dictionary.


Oh, come on. That’s the sum of the whole Grumpy Cat schtick right there!


Not without seeing your face.



Perfect!! :hugs:


I’d say day for day, dollar for dollar, that cat had a more financially productive life than Jeff Bezos.

Certainly more so than the human stain that some people call Mr. President.









Here’s our barn cats we got over the summer! Pink nose is Coco and black nose is Orangey. They’ve now made friends with the dog, and he’ll lose his mind when they jump the fence until they come back.

I’m not a cat person, but I don’t hate these two.


My husband ended up building them this as well. Complete with shingles and carpet on the inside.


I like the cat house. Don’t believe I’ve seen one of those before.


This is awesome


I forgot to add that since that picture was taken he’d also built them a porch railing so the dog can’t get their food and they can’t push it off.

My husband - attorney by day, handyman by night.



Here’s Goose:

And Max: