I love them :heart_eyes:



She’s a goof. She loves her cheese block but mostly she loves snuggling with her brother.


if only you could take a decent picture


those are frickin lovely pics and kitties






She’s a cutie! :heart_eyes:


Show us your cats, Rodknee!
They’re adorable, we need to see them!!


we lost our dear sweet Ozzie doggie…the lovable hugable hikingest companion this past december…
so, naturally, one night whilst looking on the internet i found this german shepherd breeder and drove 15 hours round trip to idaho to get this baby girl…We’ve named her Sasha

she’s a doll!


Here’s our kitties…Olivia, Mia, and Ramsay


Your cats are adorable and Sasha is a beauty! :heart_eyes:
So sorry to hear about Ozzie…:cry:


ozzie was a tough one (they’re all tough) but that dog was like my shadow for 13 years. he lived a good life. he passed peacefully in the night by my side. his ashes are in a cute little wood box on our fireplace mantel


I’m glad he didn’t suffer. Bing passed the same way and we have him in the living room in a ceramic urn. He even lived with me in Hawaii. I had to carry his ashes on the plane with me and when I went through the metal detector at Narita, the security person asked me what was in the bag and when I said ashes (I didn’t say my dog’s ashes) he gave me a little bow and very carefully took it from me. So very Japanese. :heart:



i’m gonna take ozzie’s ashes up to our favorite lake and put him there forever.


That’s so sweet. He’ll love it there. :heart:


I’m so sorry, Balv.

We lost our Maggie in December as well. Made for a depressing Christmas.

Sasha is beautiful! We always said we would probably get another dog right away when the time came but we can’t even stomach the thought right now. I think we thought we needed a dog. We don’t. We need our dog.


This little bridge area was Maggie’s favorite place to stretch out in the sun and sleep.

The wood was starting to rot through at the end of her life and once she died I went to replace the planks and everything started falling apart. It was just too far gone structurally.

So I decided to pull everything out and make a little memorial garden to her.

MFW = Magnolia Fudge Wesneski


that’s a great garden willie :slight_smile: maggie’s a sweetie.

I’ve never had a female pup and I knew the next one was going to be female…and I thought it would another yellow lab…but the stars aligned and I felt my gut say german shepherd. Sasha is so freaking smart. i walk her everywhere and I take her everywhere. i plan to have her on lots of floats and hikes. my heart is full and happy and I love this puppers so much. she and jack (our other old timer) are getting along splendidly.

i say this to you and your missus: go get a pup. there’s never really a great or ideal time to get a dog…they’re a lot of work. just get one. they enrich your life. they bring joy and wagging tales and slobber to an empty space. they fart, they run, they ruin, they chew, they chomp, they get the zoomies, they make your backyard their toilet, they dig holes to china, and they eat anything you’ll allow.

brian doyle on the dog:


I’ve had male and female dogs over the years and I think there is something special about both sexes. I don’t know if it is because we treat them differently because of our own ideas of gender and it shapes their behavior or if it is something innate in them.

Sasha seems like a great dog for the expansive landscapes of Montana. I still hope to come up and visit someday and see them for myself. I’m glad she is filling the needs of your family’s heart and I see many fly fishing excursions in her future.

We decided to give it a year. One year to be able to run to Laughlin and play cards at the drop of the hat. One year to take a road trip or two without the concern of both a wheelchair and a dog (travel with both is exponentially harder). And, pragmatically, one year to pay off all the debt we acquired on surgery, vet visits, and special foods in the last couple years of her life.

It will happen in time. And I am sure emotionally we would be surprisingly ready if we picked up some wayward mutt in need of love.


sounds like you two have a good plan. i like it.

montana will be right here ready for ya.


My neighbor’s rescue cats.

Meet Cookie:

Here’s Loki:

Loki & Cookie, they’re best friends :smiley_cat::smile_cat:

Juliet, Romeo & Cookie: