wonderful pics. how do you get them to pose like that? were they upset you interrupted their menage a trois?


Thanks, Rodknee. :kissing_heart:

Catnip. :wink:


so sorry to hear about Ozzie @thebalvenie. Sasha is very cute, I hope she helps the healing process!

I love all these cat pictures. One day…


Oh my :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat: Great pics.


she has helped a lot. i am so impressed with her loyalty and ability to adapt and start socializing…she’s so stinking smart. i thought labs were smart…they are…but this is a whole other level.


Topaz came home today. He’s settling right in, already firing up the purrmotor. He decided to sleep in the living room over his crate in the back room, didn’t want to be away from me and the baby.


Congratulations! :cat2:


We just switched to Pretty Litter.
Anyone try it?


Mine is arriving tomorrow! I’ll keep you posted!


The only issue is that the bag is kinda small. I ordered another so we can top it off a little. Our litter box must be big.


I just poured mine in, we have a little kitten box, so I still had like 1/4 of a bag. The little card said to contact them if I didn’t have enough to fill my box! We’ll see if the kitten is into it.


Penny started using it with no issue.

So far so good. Said to stir it once a day.


Yeah, Topaz stuck his face in it, realized what it was for, and then used it. Waited an hour, it stirred right in! If it holds up nicely throughout the month, I’m super into it! Love having the color coding for health issues what with the stress of the move. Peace of mind. :relieved:


Congrats! So cute!


what kind of cat is that? i think I need one.

fucking so cute!!!


Thank you! He’s an exotic shorthair. 🤍


Cute cat, Saf. I like how he kind of looks like a butthole when his eyes are closed.


Shut up, we’re in love.

I love my goldfish dragon anus cat.

Band Names


That was fun :star_struck: