My loves.


That cat is just fitting right in.


“They say when you die and go to heaven all the dogs and cats you’ve ever had in your life come running to meet you”. (Kinky Friedman)


I hope so!


Pretty Litter is a game changer by the way.


I bought this for my cat for Christmas and she loves it. We got a new sofa so I just bought another one to match new sofa:

For $12.99 you can’t go wrong.


I love the way the Pretty Litter is working but the fulfillment and shipping is bunk…. They sent me an email asking me if I wanted my order early, which I ignored, only to send me an email the day my order was supposed to go out that it would be delayed… I added an extra bag to my next order and should at that point be 1.5 months ahead of schedule to account for any delays.


I signed up for the three month supply after the first month, bc we need a little extra to fill the box to where they suggest, and we got a free bag of food.

Who knew they had food? Penny doesn’t like the food much.

Also, I once heard from them that the order was going to be late and it showed up that day.


I can assume they have increased orders greatly since Martha Stewart joined them, and they’re probably just getting caught up.

I asked the Director of Business Development at my company if we ever talked to Pretty Litter. He said they went to a competitor who has a full warehouse bigger than ours doing just Pretty Litter.


My girl Penny has some serious whiskers. :paw_prints:


She’s the Salvador Dali of the cat world.




Hittin’ the sauce, sleep in a box.


Here’s Max doing his version of Dali for us (the look, not the whiskers) :wink:



This is our too stupid for his own good orange guy. He’s spent the last week carrying around the dogs treat


That’s a lot of bowls right there. How many animals are you feeding?


Lol - just the two cats! We sat them all out when we went on vacation (my parents swung by every third day to freshen everyone up).

They now meow their heads off when all the bowls aren’t out.


I actually managed to catch him with his pupils all big.


Raku, the studio cat is a hunter, even though she spends half of her time indoors now.