Blue-eyed kitten


My lovely Wolfie is very sick. We got blood results at the weekend and despite the fact that he is only 4 he has advanced kidney failure and there is nothing we can do except make him as comfortable as possible and make the hardest decision when his quality of life reduces. I am so sad :cry:


oh nooooo. I’m so sorry. He is a real beauty. :cry:


oh i’m sorry tali



I’m sorry Talisker.







So sorry talisker :frowning:


Kitties not included apparently


Sorry to hear Talisker.


Thanks for your messages. He is at peace now and although it has been very tough I am comforted by knowing that he didn’t suffer much or for long and passed away peacefully with me there. He only had a short life but he was full of character and an amazing, funny and loving creature. I’m so glad to have spent time with him.


:cry: RIP Wolfie
He was a real beauty and he was lucky to have you.


so very sorry tali


Another cat gave birth. She’s only got one though… don’t know what she did with the others


My 6 month old kitten has started crazy-chasing his shadow in the bath (empty). Wolfie (the cat I lost recently) used to do this and it makes me smile so much to see his habit passed on. I know it’s just coincidence but its comforting :slight_smile:



You redid your bathroom?


Actually we did, but not with that lovely kitty set up. :blush: