OK there are way too many fuckin cats here



What a big head


She has a normal sized head!!


She’s freaking adorable.


yeah! thank you! :heart:


Not my cats per se, but my mom, our neighbor lady and I take care of about 8 strays.
These are three of them, hanging out on the neighbor’s car.
And the other one is Sebastian. But he prefers to be called Buddy.


Nice photos.


Oliver :slight_smile:


Thanks, Dougo! :grin:


This is Muku Muku, translation fluffy.
I forgot about this one because she doesn’t live with the rest of the cats so that makes it nine strays that we take care of.




Me too. She’s very pretty.


She’s my mom’s favorite.
I don’t know if you remember our first stray cat, Cat.
He’s the one that showed up when Bing was still around. Well, he brought another cat with him one day and she had three babies next door and Muku Muku is one of them. Muku Muku went away somewhere but started coming around for food a few years ago.


I remember. That’s his daughter then?



Here’s Cat:

And Baby Muku Muku:


And Muku Muku’s mother and sister behind the tree:


I like them all. Do they come up and get pet or keep their distance?