Mom cat is gone now but Muku Muku’s sister is still around. Her name is Meow.

They’re not scared of humans so when it’s time to feed them they all come running from all over the place and they’ll come right up close and wait.

My favorite, who died this year, would come right up to me and sit down next to my feet and wait for his food while I prepared it for him. He was old so he got the soft mushy stuff in Bing’s bowl. He wasn’t one of our strays and he showed up one day two summers ago with a huge gash on his neck. My mom and I tried nursing him back to health by feeding him lots of
cat food! :laughing:

He did get better but he was old and he went away and never came back. This is him last Dec. with Buddy when Buddy showed up out of nowhere.

Buddy is the only one that I touch. He loves to be petted and carried around and he’s always rubbing his body against my legs. I can hand feed him, too.


My friend is a mad scientist. He’s also an inventor and him and his wife are always traveling somewhere… they are in Australia now. They have a lot of cats that live in their barn and he needed a way to feed them when they are gone.

He rigged up this contraption, then installed a webcam on it so he can monitor his cats eating from anywhere in the world. He can also control the thing with his phone if he wants to do it manually, rather than rely on the timer.




My Molson Canadian and Maine coon



Hana is flower in Japanese.
It can also mean nose.
But she’s a flower not a nose.


Big Eyes


This is Rasmussen


He’s like spider cat.


Mikeh, calico in Japanese.


Mikeh is beautiful!!! look at that tail!
reminds me of my girl, Dutchie!


Random stray that I saw in the neighborhood the other day.



Buddy in the morning.


A new stray that I met the other day. He’s very friendly and was rubbing his body against my legs and stretching up my leg. I’m not a cat person so I have no idea what it was all about but after that he followed me home. :cat:


aww, that means he loves you! :heart_eyes_cat:


He might have also gotten you pregnant.


This is Rice. She’s Muku Muku’s sister.


And this is Meow. She’s sisters with Muku Muku and Rice.


nice tires!


Every one of those cats looks lit it has plans to kill you.