how do you know who’s a boy and who’s a girl?

I’ve lived with a girl cat for 6 years but I don’t know much about cats either. Do boy cats have a visible penis?


their penis is barbed for her pleasure.



Oh, they’re not mine.
Rice just happened to be sleeping by that tire when I saw her the other day.


I’ll probably end up like that Japanese lady that got attacked by a stray in her house! :laughing:


Ummmm, definitely NOT for her pleasure…

Why Is a Male Cat’s Penis Barbed?

“…The other purpose of the barbs on a cat’s penis is to keep the female cat from escaping before mating is complete. She may attempt to flee because cats are more likely to be loners than dogs and resent the intrusion to some point. Mating is also painful for female cats, both because of the barbs themselves and because the male cat begins by biting the back of the female’s neck.”


The testicles. You can see their testicles.
That’s why Balls is “Balls”. He kept flashing his testicles at us (and still does).

Muku Muku is actually a boy.
We figured this out because all the boy cats chase him away when he comes around.
But my mom always thought it was a girl so we’ve stayed with calling him a “she”.


Gender identity is huge this year! :stuck_out_tongue:


Raku AKA Studio Cat


This one doesn’t look like it’s planning on killing me…yet.

Meet Grey:


I bet Raku loves the stove. Great name.


Hana chan



A couple more strays. These two are new, I’ve never seen them before.


they look like the bosses of the alley.


This is Stella. She’s a dick. She’s a cat that was left at a barn that became mine like 5 years ago. The cat, not the barn.

She went outside one day, ran away when someone tried to break in. Could not find her for anything. 10 days later I see her on the shelters website. $170 later, she’s back home torturing Ham, wanting to go outside, and then leaving for somewhere at night, only to wake me up at 5:00 AM by meowing outside my window.

She’s like 15 years old and is going to outlive everyone.


Dogs are 100x better - even if Ham (supposedly a medium sized dog who’s now 75 lbs) grew up to be double his predicted size!


Big Eyes :cat:





Mikeh (Calico):


Posting here because it’s kind of our pets thread.

I am looking into getting a Corgi.

That is all. :slight_smile:


I’ve always wanted a Corgi. They’re so adorable.
Did you find one?


You gotta find one that likes cats.