This is Whisky. She is not a cat. She’s come to visit. If it works out she’s gonna stay.


Wow. She’s very pretty. Is she a German shepherd? Rottweiler and shepherd mix?

How is she doing with your cat?




Where did you find her?
Do you know her history with cats?

My cat wasn’t thrilled when we brought my dog home. She swatted at him when he’d walk by her even though he wasn’t doing anything to her. She is declawed though. And my dog is very mellow and didn’t react by being hit by the cat.

She warmed up to him over the next few months Shes still in charge though.


Long story that doesnt matter. I cant keep her. She needs a yard and a ton of obedience training. She’s sweet but def not an inside dog.


She looks like a whisky!!!


Ok. Good try though.

Do you live in an apartment or a house?
Do you have a yard or would the dog only go out for walk on a leash?

Plus you wanted to take your dog to work with you didn’t you?

I would suggest going back to petfinder and put in your search parameters that you want a dog already trained. That’s how I found Grizz.


i found your new dog @Monkey


I have an apartment adjacent to my office. As many times as I took the dog out overnight and this morning all she did was “forage” and eat garbage. The dog is very untrained and I don’t have the time, skill or ability for the undertaking because I have customers in and out all day long. The idea was to get a dog that would be chill in the office with me and the cat but Whisky needs way more than I can handle…plus she needs a yard.

Thankfully, her owner is very understanding. This was a trial run. Now we both know what her new family needs to provide.

I’m gonna wait til my friend’s basset hound has puppies and get one of them.


Wow cool.

Good luck.


i got an english cream golden retriever named bruce that will dry hump anything you put in front of him…

want him?




sleep on it.

offer is good, forever.





Nice pic!


And this is Ruby. I will pick her up in 1 month. :slight_smile:


She’s adorable!! :heart:


Oh my god! She’s adorable.