What kind of dog is it?


Bagle hound. Yes. That’s a thing.


A cross between a beagle and a basset, according to the internet.




Super cute. Can’t wait to meet her. :slightly_smiling_face:


she is so cute @Monkey


Ruby Tater Salad Arnett


Perfect :ok_hand:t2:


Grizzy Tater Salad Arnett


:smiley: niiice


Caught her with her tongue out.



Well if that doesn’t melt your cold dead heart, I don’t know what will.


It doesn’t.


Saw this last night on Twitter. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, so, I am no longer getting Ruby. Long story short…the breeder is fucking crazy and has weird demands that I’m not cool with. Like, she wants to hang out with me on a regular and she creeps me the fuck out and she won’t stop messaging me late of a day when she’s gotten her bottle of wine on and makes weird hits on me.

Nope. Fucking hell no.


Well that’s unfortunate for you and for Ruby.

Are you set on a puppy?


I think it’s the logical approach to introducing another animal into the house being that I have an 8 year old cat. But i’m done., It’ll just be me and the cat until one of us dies.




We had a 12 year old cat and brought home a 3 year old dog and they’re good together. She swatted at him a few times but she’s declawed and he’s super gentle and did absolutely nothing in response.

Anything is possible. Don’t give up on having a dog bc some crazy bitch wanted to get with you! :stuck_out_tongue: