Celebrity pussies I'd like to smell


Aubrey Plaza, Dame Judi Dench, Tilda Swinton.

Is this offensive?!


Do you even know if they all have cats?


You tell me.


Years ago I was waiting tables and a big theatre/Shakespeare group rented out the place. I was assigned specifically to wait on Judi Dench.
She seemed nice and gracious, but was jet-lagged and only ordered tea. I did not get close enough to get a sniff.




Just white women? Offensive, yes…


No DEI badge for monkey!


yeah monkey…how you exclude Viola Davis and Salma Hayek …we’ll never know.

you piece of shit!!!


Thank you. I do appreciate the age, uh, spread.


Why was I excluded, considering Monkey’s bi-proclivities?


Have I ever seen your face? Oh! Send me a dick pick!



Years ago I was working as an electric on a movie that had Salma Hayek in it. This was early in her career in the US.
I’ve been around a bunch of movie stars, and most are ok looking when off camera. Salma was just crash-the-car-watching-her-walk-along beautiful. Just stunning. I got a polaroid with her to give to a friend who had a huge crush on her.
I did not get close enough to get a sniff.


I’m not a celebrity. I posted a celebrity of color and the caption was Javier speaking.

I’m reporting you to HR.


Too bad all the emails to HR go to Ry-ry.


When I worked at Paramount in the late nineties it was not uncommon to see celebrities. Most of the time, they didn’t look anywhere near as comely as one would imagine.

In my four years of working there I only saw three women who made both men and women stop in their tracks. I’m not listing them because of personal preference. I’m saying that literally both men and women who were accustomed to seeing celebrities would stare with wide eyes and agape mouths. It was like a super power.

  1. Jessica Alba

  2. Jeri Ryan from Star Trek Voyager

  3. Barbara Eden. Who was approaching 70 at the time.


Damien Jurado was just here. I kept my nose to myself but he was very nice.


I worked at the Paramount Theatre in the early 90’s but it was the one in Seattle.

So it wasn’t the lot.


He writes the jams for sure. The kiddos love him.


I am somewhat offended that nobody has liked this thread.