Celebrity pussies I'd like to smell


It’s a really good thread.


Sorry Monkey done.


I ran into Sarah Bullock in an elevator. I was shirtless and just finished skateboarding the basement level of a posh hotel. I was blindsided and got nowhere near her bird box. I still think about the gravity of those 10 seconds.


John Mellencamp once bummed a smoke off me, and I think he’s kind of a douche.


Josh T Pearson was the opposite, I offered him a smoke before the show, he said he was a quitter. Offered him a drink and he said he was a quitter there too :blush:

When I saw him after the show at the merch table he signed my CD “Josh T Pearson, quitter” :joy::joy:


He strikes me as a guy who is about 4’10"

Am I far off?


Right. I’m 6’3", and I don’t think he could have struck me if he tried.


John tried to punch me once and I laughed so hard it realigned my spine. It hurt so good.

(Enjoy your steaks… I’m here all week)


I helped Bruce Hornsby get down from standing on his grand piano once. I’m 6’3" and he towered over me.

No snivling took place.


i onced shared a urinal w/ david gray. smelled great!!!


Eartha Kitt


I bet Eartha Kit has a bigger dick than David Gray.