Coffee Drinkers


I currently do pour over because I have complete control over getting everything clean. I don’t like conventional coffee makers because of all the places I can’t get to to clean thoroughly. And fuck those nasty Keurig pod things. Those are just breeding grounds for bacteria.

I’m not buying this. I just think that it’s interesting in concept and look:


I quite like the aero press, or the hario dripper. Both easy to clean.


I too love the aeropress and my french press

but this makes the best damn espresso/cappucino i could ever want:


French press baby.


How much of the ocean has to be polluted with endless versions of coffee makers before coffeekind wakes up to using a French Press, which like a Galapago Tortoise, will continue to function after we are long and gone?


I have an old school Mr. Coffee and I grind way more beans than I should. We have a Keurig at work. It sucks so hard. I guess it’s okay if you like coffee flavored water.


We had one of those kurig machines and I threw it away. Couldn’t stand that thing or the coffee that came from it.

My wife helped her friend move and to repay her she bought my wife a big fancy new kurig machine.

I still hate that shit and never use it.

The only time I drink coffee anymore is when I brew a pot when company comes over.


Perfect timing! After a long stretch of drinking Earl Grey, I have just today returned to the coffee mill–mostly because I have been dealing with a fucking kidney stone and my doctor told me to lay off the tea. Anyway, I just purchase this baby yesterday and am loving it:


I also use an old school 12 cup mr. Coffee. We have two bc Steve and I make different coffee.

Never owned a keurig but tried it 2-3 times and hated.


I’m on board with the Nespresso machines; this is the one I have:

I love it – and their coffee is really good. I have an auto order set up of 50 capsules every two months (I usually have 1—2/day). This one’s my current favorite:


i have to agree.

my folks have one of these. i secretly hope if i continue to tell them how much i love it…maybe, just maybe, they’ll buy one for us…

not that i need it…i have most of the coffee gadgets…but the Nespresso makes an amazing cup of coffee
too bad the pods are so expensive.

our house renovation is coming along…a month ago we finally got to have CUPS of cappuccino on our deck
my wife took this pic


That’s a great looking deck and view, very nice!

The pods can be expensive – but a good amount of them are reasonable (~ 70¢/ea):

For this round, I chose the Hawaii Kona blend as part of my usual order, which is terribly expensive ($2 each!) but that’s only this one time (famous last words…)


yeah, not shit. but well worth it to treat yo’ self once in a while.

if you ever want to buy me one, just let me know :wink:


Next level, Better Homes & Gardens type flavor. Is that a outdoor coffee/table/igloo fire pit (in winter) thing?


it’s one of those propane fireplace thingys


That looks stunning man, love it


God that is beautiful.


Aside from playing squash, all of us secretly want to live like Balv.


All of us?


Well, I think some of us want to drink the finest bourbon and rearrange letters on a sign, but I think those folks are lurking and not posting.

Kids, wife, family, mountains, positivity, overcoming adversity/loss, enough money w/o being a rich twat, and one questionable hobby and perhaps political views.

Pretty sweet life.