Coffee Drinkers


That’s a great looking deck and view, very nice!

The pods can be expensive – but a good amount of them are reasonable (~ 70¢/ea):

For this round, I chose the Hawaii Kona blend as part of my usual order, which is terribly expensive ($2 each!) but that’s only this one time (famous last words…)


yeah, not shit. but well worth it to treat yo’ self once in a while.

if you ever want to buy me one, just let me know :wink:


Next level, Better Homes & Gardens type flavor. Is that a outdoor coffee/table/igloo fire pit (in winter) thing?


it’s one of those propane fireplace thingys


That looks stunning man, love it


God that is beautiful.


Aside from playing squash, all of us secretly want to live like Balv.


All of us?


Well, I think some of us want to drink the finest bourbon and rearrange letters on a sign, but I think those folks are lurking and not posting.

Kids, wife, family, mountains, positivity, overcoming adversity/loss, enough money w/o being a rich twat, and one questionable hobby and perhaps political views.

Pretty sweet life.


He’s into some kinky shit sexwise too, so…


the kinkiest i get is when i strap on the beehive suit and go diggin for honey!!!


And he’s not very good at metaphor.


Honey extraction day today!!!

Keeping it kinky!



Good yield!


going to end up being 6 gallons this year.

i think a record for me. not one sting and not a lot of waste.



I don’t know what Canada in two days mean but if you don’t send me a nice sized jar of that, which I will gladly pay for, then you’re a cunt.


Good deal. That will keep the bears out of mischief pretty much all winter.


my brother’s friend and i (he’s my friend too) are doing a 2 week memorial trip to northeastern saskatchewan and we are fishing and bird hunting and camping …it’s a 28 hour drive for me and i leave saturday

so i won’t see you guys for 2 weeks

i’ll send you a little sample jar! dick licker!


No. You will let me purchase a pint jar or you can fuck right off this page. :smiley:


Hope you have a good trip… doesn’t look like there are a lot of actual roads up that way.