Coffee Drinkers


He’s into some kinky shit sexwise too, so…


the kinkiest i get is when i strap on the beehive suit and go diggin for honey!!!


And he’s not very good at metaphor.


Honey extraction day today!!!

Keeping it kinky!



Good yield!


going to end up being 6 gallons this year.

i think a record for me. not one sting and not a lot of waste.



I don’t know what Canada in two days mean but if you don’t send me a nice sized jar of that, which I will gladly pay for, then you’re a cunt.


Good deal. That will keep the bears out of mischief pretty much all winter.


my brother’s friend and i (he’s my friend too) are doing a 2 week memorial trip to northeastern saskatchewan and we are fishing and bird hunting and camping …it’s a 28 hour drive for me and i leave saturday

so i won’t see you guys for 2 weeks

i’ll send you a little sample jar! dick licker!


No. You will let me purchase a pint jar or you can fuck right off this page. :smiley:


Hope you have a good trip… doesn’t look like there are a lot of actual roads up that way.


Yeah I’ve been using a French press for the last 5 or 6 years. I boil the water in a tea kettle and poor it over the grounds, stir and let steep for 5 minutes then press.

Extra dark French roast because I’m a psychopath with the heart of a beast


Lighter roasts actually have more caffeine.

I rarely go to Starbucks, but I went a few months ago and the Barista was blonde. She saw my slight hesitation on what blend to choose and she leaned in and said, “Have you tried blondes?”

This didn’t seem real (and it wasn’t) because I looked behind her and there was a blonde blend, which actually has more caffeine.

If I were Monkey, I could have retorted with, “I like my women the way I like my coffee, roasted, ground up, dried, stuffed in a burlap sac, and bent over a donkey.”


This made me lol


Because it’s true


We had a childish thread on the Dot Org that listed all the variations on the “I like my women like my coffee…”

I entreat the women here to do the same treatment, as I think the phrase originated with a woman saying I like my men like my coffee (strong and black).


I promise you’re thinking of Mrgay or gharland.


Yep. Airplane. The greatest movie of all time.


I like my coffee like I like my men: light and sweet.


Costa Rican blend…ftw