Coffee Drinkers


I just had my first flat white. (have fun w/this)

Lot more preferable to the milkier latte.


i had a flat white yesterday

i usually do a 12 oz triple shot or a 16 oz quad
lasts all day and I love it

currently doing a jade citrus mint tea in the morning and doing my best to not have coffee

had to travel yesterday so I treated myself.

also, I love having bone broth in the morning too…it’s a perfect hot sip


I’m still a Mr. Coffee drip kind of girl.

I mix Melitta hazelnut and Caribou Mahogany, sprinkle cinnamon in before it brews, and ALWAYS set it up the night before on a timer so it’s waiting and ready as soon as I wake up.


My daughter bought us an espresso machine for Christmas. I quickly got addicted to oat milk lattes. Got a big syrup bar, all the amenities. Quickly realized I was killing myself and started drinking it black. Was a fun run though.


I have a little Nespresso machine, I love it. I do an espresso every morning before I go into work.


they make a great coffee!


Was on spring break with an older couple and the husband used an aero press. He made a cup for us every morning (fairly time intensive, grinding right before brewing).

All other coffee tastes like it’s from 7-11 now. Don’t (or do) explore the aero press.


We switched to half caf, so all of it tastes like garbage now. Thus the baking. If anything can save shitty coffee, it’s baked goods.


Pics please.


We have one of those, they’re excellent.


i’ve loved the aero press for a good while. my mom got us one a while back. they now have washable filters

I brought mine backpacking a couple times…makes a great cup


Yeah the washable filter is a game changer. Makes a really clean cup and very packable.

I have a hand porlex grinder that goes into the aeropress as well so fresh grind and strong forearms


Well, this morning I had to use paper towel for my coffee filter. Feel free to eject me from this thread at any point. And maybe even ban from the whole board.


@thebalvenie Surely, you would be okay with reusing coffee grounds retrieved from a wastebasket to make some bad coffee? (classic movie scene if there ever was one)


In case you doubted me. :woman_shrugging:t2: I must get to the store today.


One of my female family members is such a coffee addict, I came down one morning and she was using a maxi pad for a filter.

I took a short walk to the bakery and got myself a coffee and a sunflower bread.


I keep a secret stash of filters, so even when I run out I still have at least another week.

Pick yourself up two next time :slightly_smiling_face:


Or grab something like this…they’re really good

Pour Over Coffee Drip Filter | Reusable Stainless Steel Honeycomb Mesh Cone Coffee Dripper | Paperless Filter Coffee Maker with Separate Stand | M&W


what’s your mailing address? please send it to me. this year’s batch is to fucking die for.


And in return I will send you a liquid of equal volume.