Cologne: What are you wearing, Fellas?


My top picks in rotation right now are:

Bleu De Chanel eau de parfum

Un Homme de Caron

Vetrarian Lalique Encre Noire Eau De Toilette

4711 By Muelhens Eau De Cologne

Jo Malone Orange Bitters

Educate me.


All desert all day :desert:


Ha! I just ordered this!!!


I’m not a fella but…

A winner for sure. Such a beautiful fragrance for men. I always compliment my father when he wears it and I ask what it is and then I remember that it’s Chanel Bleu.

Lalique makes wonderful fragrances. This one I’m not familiar with but my father used to wear the now discontinued Lalique for Men and that was heavenly. Sweet but not in an icky , sugary way.

A classic! I used to wear this one in my early 20’s.

Nice one, Monkey! One of the better Jo Malone fragrances in my opinion. Most of Jo Malone fragrances don’t really last but this one does and it really does have a nice orange smell to it.
I love their Orange Blossom but, like I said, it doesn’t last so I stopped using it.

Have you tried any fragrances by Creed? They might be expensive but there’s a reason…they don’t use anything synthetic and the fragrance does last on you.
I love Aventus and Green Irish Tweed.

Also, Dior’s Sauvage is nice.


I wore this mens cologne (I got a sample) when I went on a business trip to Scottsdale back in 2010. I was listening to the two Pity Sex EPs and it was August. It encapsulates that time for me. So nice.


Im all about old school, test of time scents.

Btw, Versace Blue Jeans is a cheap, bold fragrance that lasts all day and I always get comments on it




I’ve never actually tried this one.

Do tell?!


My husband uses Pre de Provence no. 63 shaving soap and after shave lotion. I love that. He also uses the Fulton & Rourke solid perfume Sterling. He describes it as being a “sweet old man cologne.”


I just added the body lotion to my amazon orders. We’ll give it a go.


I’ve been tempted by Creed fragrances. Tom Ford has my interest too.


Really? I put it there as a joke :grin:

Jovan Musk for women was very popular back when I was in high school. I really can’t remember what it smelled like now because I last smelled t in the early 80’s but I think we all liked it because it was supposedly a great version of musk, heavy and earthy.

The men’s version seems lighter than the one I used to use.
From Fragrantica:
Jovan Musk for Men by Jovan is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for men. Jovan Musk for Men was launched in 1973. The nose behind this fragrance is Murray Moscona. Top notes are Carnation, Amalfi Lemon, Lime and Pepper; middle notes are Spices, Lavender, Amber and Mint; base notes are Musk and Woodsy Notes.


Well. Fuck.

El Oh El


Both are very good but very different.

Tom Ford has some amazing fragrances and they are very “Tom Ford” and I love them but I don’t use them anymore. They really grab you when you first start using them but after a while, for me, they got boring. I have a few bottles that I never finished and when I think of using them now, the smell turns me off. My friend who worked in fragrances said it was probably because of the synthetic ingredients that they use.

If you are thinking of buying TF though, looking at your list up above, the ones in the blue bottles might be more to your taste. NEROLI PORTIFINO is nice. MANDARINO DI AMALFI is too but the smell doesn’t last that long. I don’t think you’ll like the ones in the dark bottles, I forgot what that line was called, classic? Anyway, those are the ones that had the more distinct, synthetic smell to them. I still use TF but only one and it’s one of his original ones, Jasmin Rouge. The jasmine smells fake but it’s not that bad.

Creed also has some amazing fragrances and personally, I love Creed. Unlike TF, most of the fragrances smell so natural because they use the finest and rarest hand picked ingredients, like, for instance, ambergris. I started using Creed about 10 years ago and I haven’t stopped using their fragrances like I did with TF. I think if you try it, you’ll understand it more than me trying to explain what makes their fragrance so special.

But who knows, you might really like the “synthetic” more than the “natural”. The best thing to do would be is to go to Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom or wherever and get samples. Get a bunch of samples from both TF & Creed and try them both out and see what works for you.


You can still try it. I have a friend who uses Jovan Sex Appeal and he’s been using it since high school!


Sex Panther



Cologne? Really?


I wear a deodorant my wife likes. I use a pine tar soap. That’s it.


I have some fancy perfumes. My favorite is serge lutens la orpheline. He won’t import to the US so what I have left is gold.