Cologne: What are you wearing, Fellas?


From cheap to not so cheap with fragrances that run the gambit.


The Jo Malone Orange Bitters is awesome. A parfume so it has a much higher oil concentration and it last a good 10 hours. It’s seasonal and only comes out around Christmas so I get a new bottle every year.

The Caron is my current go to but it can be really strong so it’s been kind of a “walk into it” spritz.


Like i said, most Jo Malone fragrances fades really quickly and Orange Bitter is one of those that lasts. I went to get one this year but being a LE, they were already sold out.
Maybe this holiday season I’ll get one.

Next time I can travel to the US, I’ll have to check out the Caron. I don’t think I’ve ever smelled that one before.

Again, go try some Creed. Once you go there, you can never go back. :wink:




Does my retro after shave collection count?

I keep them around as an annoyance to my wife, but never wear them.


I love Serge Lutens but he won’t import to the US.


I just put on whatever moisturizer my wife uses…


Bet you smell fresh. That’s the best.


I finally bought a bottle of Creed Silver Mountain Water. It’s now my favorite fragrance but I’m not paying that amount for a cologne again.


Between the Bonobos and the fancy scents and whiskey you’re kind of a high end bitch aren’t you?


Told ya you’d like it. :wink:


Just looked that up in amazon UK £300 a bottle?!


Yeah. I’m worth it though.


I’m kind of a big deal.


Did you spend this kind of money on fragrance… with eyes wide open…?




Yeah. I got the the 100ml so it was more like £390.


woah. $470. Maybe if/when I get to the level of owning a Rolex I’ll do this :joy:

(speaking of watches – I picked up #2 in the collection, Hamilton Titanium Khaki Field Auto 42 mm. I love it.)


Very nice! I love the Tudor.

I have a coue of Hamilton’s and I bought my first Longines about a month ago.