Cologne: What are you wearing, Fellas?


Thanks! Cool about the Hamiltons! Which do you have? And how’s that Longines doing??

The Tudor is still such a favorite for me; the (opaline) dial has this waffled/3D design to it which is so cool, and applied indices. the Hamilton is really cool, and crazy light with that titanium. It’s such a good weekend watch. (Have I become that guy? Yes, apparently so. And I’m ok with it :joy: )


I got the silver on silver Record 38.50mm Longines.

I’m too not close to the watches but I have a silver khaki bracelet with a black dial and a smaller cream bezel on silver with a cream khaki strap.


Buying the large size bottle is a better deal.
Good choice.
And you really don’t need to use much so it’ll last a while.
My father always gets compliments when he wears Creed.

Did you care for any others?

Myself, I use Spring Flowers, Love In Black and Iris Tuberose. I want to get Floralie next but I have to wait until I get to Hawaii again because they don’t sell Creed here in Japan.
My dad’s favorite has always been Silver Mountain Water.

Personally, I love Green Irish Tweed and Aventus for men.
ETA: And of course, Silver Mountain Water.


I’ve thought about Green Irish Tweed. I am looking for a lighter, more floral and fruity scent that lasts 8 hours too.


Did you see if you liked Aventus, also from Creed? That’s long lasting and fruity,

Style: Fruity, rich.


  • Top: bergamot, blackcurrant leaves, apple, pineapple.

  • Middle: pinkberries, birch, patchouli, jasmine.

  • Base: musk, oakmoss, ambergris, vanilla.




I would have thought that the sales associate where you bought your Silver Mountain Water would have shown it to you. I think it’s their bestseller.
It really is lovely. :blush:


Nordstroms. I bought my Bleu De Chanel, Joe Malone Orange Bitters & Azzaro The Most Wanted Intense there. And he took me straight to the Silver Mountain Water & I just went with it.


Well then, we know which Creed you’ll be getting next. :grin:


ah, now I remember! Very nice timepieces!

A cool little story when getting my Hamilton: I had my Tudor on when going into the shop, and this other customer came in, looking at the Hamilton Murph (the one from Interstellar, that became something you can buy because people love it so much, pretty cool). He asked what I was wearing, and was totally blown away by my Tudor; he had to get his wife to come over to see it too :joy:. Nice little discussions on watches, movements, (second hand) sweep (especially because he was very excited over how smooth my Tudor is), etc. It’s always great to run into other watch enthusiasts out in the wild – balances out the reactions of “ah, well it looks like a watch to me” responses from some friends and coworkers :slight_smile:

Back on topic – This cologne discussion has me thinking maybe it’s time to add a new one to the collection. Maybe I see what’s “entry level” for Creed. Or maybe something with sandalwood/bourbon. The one I have (from Dr. Squatch) is discontinued from what I can tell, which is a shame because it’s a very nice scent.

I feel like my Versace Eau de Fraiche is the summery/floral one, so looking for something to balance that one out – though I will say the Versace Eros does a nice job of that too. (looking for excuses to try something new :joy:)


Yes I’d be interested in a sandalwood scent that isn’t hundreds of pounds too


Considering this one, after a little poking around:


That’s a good one, have one of those. Doesn’t last for ages but smells good


Balance. This is my go-to year round.


I just ordered this! It will arrive on Monday!


These are good as well, got a few trumpets (lavender and the Spanish leather are good)


I’m going to order the Lavender water. I’m looking for lighter scents.


The lavender is really nice


Cool! I just did too, it’ll arrive next Friday. We’ll see if amazon surprises me early

Cool suggestions here, taking notes — thanks everyone!


This one arrived today for me! Smells pretty good. Will give it a shot tomorrow :joy: