"Come Pick Me Up" vs "Cover Me Up"


Who you got?

I’m going with Isbell.


Of those two songs, I’d take Adams, though it feels decidedly less earnest. Maybe that’s why.





an early live come pick me up might be just the thing to take this…
but studio, gotta go w/ the ryan adams i always wanted: Isbell for the win


I was gonna type Isbell but if I think of how I felt when I first heard both of those songs, gotta give it to Ryan.


Isbell for me, more craft in that song, though he’d been writing a lot longer at that point to be fair.


Yeah, that’s what made the decision harder for me too.


One can argue that without Come Pick Me Up there would be no Cover Me Up. I’m oversimplifying of course, but…


WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY oversimplifying it


Come on Monkey. Think wayyy back to the time we didn’t know he was a douche.


We knew he was douchey when he was in Whiskeytown, so…


Strong point.


I gotta say Come Pick Me Up.
But lately I’m much more likely to play Cover Me Up.


It’s apples and oranges. :tangerine::apple:

Both good, but very different


his douche level at that point in time had some charm to it…

like i’ve said before
what’s cute at 20 isn’t so cute anymore in your 40’s

an angsty alt country world on your shoulders everything to prove everything to lose 20 year old doing rock star antics and tantrums and calling journalists and leaving messages on their home answering machines WAS funny back then.

at some point you have to mature and grow up. not that i’m one to talk. cause i’m not.

so i’ll shut.