Contender for Creepiest Song πŸŽƒ


Yeah, no I totally think it was unintentionally effective, the contrast between his haggard face and dad bod especially the first time we see her because she could be five years old. I just think it’s a pity that at the end it comes to our attention that she is a full foot taller than him, because in the never ending justifications of why this not okay thing is totally okay, it muddies the waters.


The more I watch it, the more unsettling details I seem to find. Like, for example, how hard he seems to close his fingers around the girl’s shoulder when he kisses her on the magic carpet ride. (I missed how short he is compared to her, though – great find!) And the fact that I also found the song hauntingly beautiful makes things even weirder (I have a weak spot for crooner stuff).


Dammit, not only did I have to google hebephile (now I’m on a list somewhere, ty) I may die in horror after watching that ET fucking thing.


Happy Halloween, my love. :orange_heart::orange_heart:


This reminded me of the ET that I used to see walking in the skywalk every morning a few years ago. :slight_smile:




Just waiting for the D apparently.


An obvious candidate:




I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would perceive Benny as a creep.


…Still one of my favorites


ding ding ding

we have a winner.

throw in invisible riverside and this thread will blow up with pukey creepiness


These vibes, infectious…



I’m going to mention that I always thought Halloween Head was one of the stupidest songs I’ve heard by an artist who’s music I respected at the time. I was kind of embarrassed for him for writing it.


I think that song single handedly ruined Easy Tiger. Granted, the whole album feels uneven despite each song (well most of them) being good on their own, and especially sounded good live. I’ve since realized why I loved the live takes β€” and the cardinals in general. It was Neal.

Then RA pulled that BS again with Magick on Cardinology, another half-baked album. I read somewhere Neal had to finish sequencing it because RA β€œcouldn’t do it”.

I’m sorry I’m rambling about missing Neal again