Contender for most romantic song


Seriously though, what could even BE more romantic? Fuuuuuuuuck.



My entries:



Johnsburg Illinois - Tom Waits
Unknown Legend - Neil


Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis - Tom Waits
Kentucky Avenue - Tom Waits


Thirteen - Alex Chilton


I mean… “Cover Me Up”


Get your biscuits in the oven and your buns in bed.





This one seems like it may have been overlooked in the overflowing bucket of Tom Waits romantic ballads.


Was really early on


Interestingly enough, I shed a tear while listening to it this morning… makes me think of an old girlfriend.




I got extremely weepy thinking about my kids growing out of going to pumpkin festivals, not getting their faces painted.

Same kind of vibes in Martha by Tom Waits, “where has the time gone? you are my world…wistfulness mixed with the overwhelming weight of time and change.”


By the time it happens you’ll be over it.


There are so many great lines. Something that always got to me is that he states he is calling long distance, yet he’s asking her to meet him “out for coffee.” So either he is willing to travel some distance to see her, or it’s a throwaway pipe dream line. Both kill me.


You could dissect this song for hours but I always loved this section:

“Lucky that you found someone
To make you feel secure
’Cause we were all so young and foolish
Now we are mature”

The desire for security is one of those things we are told is a sign of maturity but in this instance it’s like he is softly inferring that in maturity we don’t need to see things the same way. In this context there can be a little snide dig read into it as well.

He’s also, to my mind, trying to sell her on the idea that he is now the man she wanted him to be forty years ago.

Never mind the fact that he was in his late teens or early twenties when he wrote this so the “forty years” could be assumed to be saying ‘It feels like forty years’


This might be the winner. I rescind my earlier vote.