Corgi Butt Pants Are A Thing...



Pass. But I think corgis are adorable and I’d like to have one someday.


Too bad there aren’t any corgi butt emojis.


On a related note, I’ve always wondered about these:

If my understanding of women’s anatomy is correct, shouldn’t they say ‘brown’?


They’re very stupid.


Or stink…


A friend informed me that when his dog does this it’s called a Corgi “sploot”


Yeah, I learned a few days ago (mindless interwebs infotainment) that when a cat or dog stretch out like that it is indeed a sploot. :smiley:


My wife calls it the reverse double eagle


My dog sploots.

Very disappointed. Expecting actual corgi butts in something like chaps.


This is a family website, Inky.