Covid 19


It’s in California already. I don’t really care because I’d probably survive it and I’m here on borrowed time anyway.

Trump says it’s a hoax created by the Democrats. If I get it I’ll be sure to drive across the country and spread it across the I-80 corridor. Leave a warm load in every truck stop from here to Punxsutawney


It’s all about you.


I’m sure people already are spreading it along the I80. An infected person who isn’t aware they’re infected is out there spreading it around while living their best life.
I’m no scientist or medical expert but this virus seems an awful lot like a new version of walking pneumonia.
Then there are those who keep carrying on how they don’t understand why this is a big deal when the flu kills thousands.
Well… duh, their words aren’t registering in their brains.
A flu that has vaccination options is killing thousands.
Here’s a new one without any vaccination options.
They just can’t see the problem :roll_eyes:


Yeah those people who are erroneously comparing it to the flu aren’t considering that the flu is more widespread. If covid19 spreads as much as the flew It’ll kill more than the flu


A one year old just died from the flu in our area. The baby was at the same day care facility that my daughter took our grandson to a couple times.

Sadly, this kind of thing happens a lot more often than you’d think.


Roads are empty around here. Guess we’re ground zero for this thing in the US. Made it to work in record time.


Favorite thread about this topic (on Twitter, not here)


If I thought I might have it I wouldn’t tell anyone or get tested. I know what they would do to me. The government is not our friend. Plus it’s good to have plagues every once in awhile to thin the herd on this planet that we are murdering


But the friend of the devil is a friend of mine.


I was reading about how there’s a pattern of streets in the heart of DC which form a pentagram. DC was built by Freemasons just as this entire Great Satan society was. Bow before the eye at the top of the pyramid


A rare bit of good news:


I’m a purveyor of fine disease - near and exotic. I have collected a wide variety of pathogens including but not limited to: HPV, HIV, Syphilis, SARS, Measles, Mumps and Rubella. I am a professional Bug Chaser by trade and can be a Gift Giver to any other malignant soul who wants to make a deal. Covid-19: I has it.


Fuck off with your persistent gloom and doom. We get it. You don’t like yourself.


It’s not my doom and gloom - it’s ours.


Apparently, Ted Cruz interacted with the person at CPAC.


We can only pray that this Covid angel makes it’s way into the lungs of an orange-faced monster


For atheists, this is proof of a God. For Ted Cruz, this is God testing him.


Or proof that Alanis Morissette is god.


An actress in a play as an actress in a play as an actress in a play. She’s died so many times she makes up the mountains and the moons


Both candidates and the incumbent for the presidency are in the high-risk age group for Covid 19.