Covid 19


Yeah LA is locked down. People are still out 8n s9me places but most seem to have battened down the hatches. There seems to be some dystopian desperation by some idiots but we’ll grind them into hamburger patties like we always do


I assume you’re (partly) referring to the panic buyers? Which of course leads to more people being exposed, requiring many more trips to the store to get the things they need.



We’s got plenty of squirrels n bunnies here at the Beverly Hillbillies Psycho Hillside Estate


70 now


65 in montana.

this is going to get worse before it gets better. we’re going to start seeing all the cases now of the people coming back from spring break.



115 new cases in Indiana today. Just new. 400some total.

Not sure where Kentucky is today.

At least the weather got nice and we have the windows open and some fresh air.

I was supposed to be in Florida today through Tuesday.


I think we’re up to 365ish cases in Missouri. In reality it’s probably a lot higher than that - they’re just not testing anyone in my area unless they’re bad enough to be admitted to a hospital.

My husbands office finally closed. Attorneys were deemed essential personnel so his office hadn’t closed yet. His paralegals husbands coworker was diagnosed, so they sent her home to quarantine for 2 weeks and then shut the office down.

Is anyone else finding themselves drinking a lot more? I’ve been making a cocktail at quitting time every night, having one with dinner, and having a Road wine when we take the dog for a walk in the evenings.



I think I had a mild case weeks ago when we were still operating the tour company. I had a mild cough, sore throat and would have these weird mini fevers where my forehead would get sweaty even when I wasn’t doing physical labor


The virus mocks me and I’ve been deemed non-compliant



Glad to see that your printer still works.


That was posted in front of PaxAm in 2016.

I emailed them later that day and reported my father as well as Ryan Adams as satanic figures who are part of the conspiracy


A 50 year old man here in Lewisville has died from Covid-19.




If you have student loan debt, make sure to get the coronavirus forbearance (if you have government loans). They’ll automatically apply it if you go over 30 days past due, but otherwise you need to request it from your lender. I think there are mortgage forebearance as well but don’t know much about that because I could never afford to own a house!


I don’t think ferrets are affected by Covid-19.


Stuffed ferrets, in particular.


Apparently you all want to get back to work soon. Covid-19 be damned! Well, that’s what Orange Face said…