Covid 19


Total of 137 positive cases in denton County. An increase of 54 cases overnight.


I’m sorry, monkey and pm.

Friend at work had to leave early and drive to Chicago to sign power of attorney bc his mom has it and is not well.

50 new cases in KY yesterday, 54 new ones today.
Indiana up to 981.

The hits just keep on coming…


I’m about to lose both of my jobs. Was planning on quitting teaching (I’ve been an adjunct for 8 years) after this semester and working full time at my other job at a restaurant. But we just laid off 40 people a week ago, basically anyone who was front of house is gone. We’re still doing delivery and carryout, which was mostly what I did. Couldn’t take it anymore though. They weren’t taking any precautions and just kept sending us back out to people’s houses. Thought I was saving money for a car but I guess this is how I’ll pay the bills for awhile.


Sorry Monkey.


that’s awful Monkey, sorry to hear


I have one friend in her 60’s who tested positive and is on the mend. She has a weakened immune system also. It sounded horrible but she’s gonna be okay.

I hope your sisters get seen, Monkey. I don’t know what these stats even mean if not everyone can get tested. I know my mom had it. She’ll never be counted.


Love to your sisters, Monkey… maybe they’ll be able to drive-thru to a test, hopefully or something. Sounds absolutely terrible.

Michigan is gettin hit pretty bad, but I haven’t left my house - other than to take the dog around the block - all week. Self quarantine last week as well.


Another case on campus. The woods/trails are my salvation and therapy.


I’ve been making masks with my wife. She’s a retired nurse and her friends are struggling for masks and supplies. I’ve been cutting and pleating the fabric… I can’t sew.

We delivered 90 of these this morning, another group of volunteers is putting the elastic pieces on them.


awesome :heart:


Very awesome :heart:


I did my first Kroger grocery online order. I can pick it up Tuesday night. First appointment.


Good job, Dougo!


Another notification from work:

“We have been notified by the Jackson County Health Department that a second campus case of COVID-19 has been diagnosed. The individual is in the same residence hall as the first individual diagnosed on Thursday, March 26. All 21 residents of the hall have been placed in quarantine by the health department and are fully supported with food and other necessities.”

Things are speeding up.




John Prine is reportedly on a ventilator in critical condition.


His plan is the same is mine:

I’m gonna smoke a cigarette that’s 9 miles long,


And Joe Diffie died from COVID-19.


Sad about John Prine. Hope he makes it out of this!!! :heart:


I left the house today. There was a folder in my desk with info I needed for work next week. We have only a few people working in the warehouse on sundays, so I thought it was the safest time to go.

Felt weird to drive, plus there were very few cars on the highway. I walked in, went up to my office, got what I needed and took off. I interacted with Security for less than 30 seconds and I didn’t touch anything!!!