Covid 19




This news of John Prine is really sad. I knew Fiona, his wife had tested positive, but I hadn’t heard about John.


A good friend of mine who now lives in Colorado just texted me a bit earlier to let me know that her mother had died from complications from the virus.


I’m sorry Monkey.


From John Prine’s wife:


If John Prine dies, I’m taking a bereavement leave.


As you all know by now, my 3 sisters are hold up together. I just talked to my middle sister. As of this moment she reports that all 3 are feeling pretty decent, all things considered. They are NOT feeling symptoms of the virus outside of what they already felt before; all 3 have one or more autoimmune diseases. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I am being told that my oldest sister is out fucking running around with a 20+ year on again, off again old flame and then returning to the house. My middle sister has expressed her concerns about the eldest ding this and now is going to tell her that if she persist she will need to find other accommodations. If she were booted I don’t believe she has options of where to go.

People are not taking this serious enough. The parks here were full of idiots this weekend ENJOYING the sun and nice weather. My friend in Colorado whose mother past says that her mother DID not go out for anything other than necessities. Btw, that household consists of my friends 2 brothers and father…and I assume more people as they were always taking in strays through good and bad times.

This is going to take time and so many people are going to die because of other people’s bad decisions.



Yesterday I went to get something from my office. I was at a red light by my house and a car pulled up behind me with four teenage girls. Just like they were going to the mall, which is closed. But all four together in a small car not giving AF. Ridiculous.


Suddenly everyone is rethinking advice about masks. I’m going to have to shave if this continues.


@mutineer Is Germany telling German citizens working in the U.S. to return to Germany for their safety?

Great times of crisis call for great sacrifices.


Not that as far as I know. I’m not a German citizen anymore, and so I don’t pay close attention to this sort of thing, but I haven’t seen anything.


Illinois shelter-in-place extended to April 30. At this rate, I’m pretty certain my move to Virginia in early May for a new job is probably on hold.

Hope everyone’s staying safe out there


safe as safe can be. working out. work. working out. work…
kids are at home all day doing online classes…the youngest finishes and bakes…

i just bought a portable pickle ball net so i can do something in my driveway…next: BASKETBALL HOOP.

it snowed a couple inches here within the last day and half and we had an earthquake of 6.5!!!


The Virginia governor has extended the order until June 10 already. JUNE 10!


Good to know, that’s crazy! But probably realistic. My friend who’s an MD in Boston says we haven’t seen the peak of this issue yet, so this makes sense.

This is useful info for me to navigate what happens next for me.



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Laura Ingraham is such an asshole.


Keeps climbing.


Sheltered in place out in the Shawnee today. No people.