Covid 19


Enjoy the solitude.


Beautiful pictures. Makes me feel good just looking at them.



The irony here.






We’re about to be the assholes going to the hardware store for projects. My husband wants to get anything we need to finish the duck run & duck house. They arrive in 18 days which is 1-2 weeks before our expected peak. Our thinking is to hopefully get that stuff bought now in the event they end up closing them or one of us gets sick.

We also are venturing to the feed store for our crumbles, treats, any first aid items.

Stil makes me feel like an ass.



I just ordered this 1000 piece puzzle my uncle just did and told me about.


We got the building materials for the duck run & house today. I asked my husband if we could swing by the plants so I could get a replacement basil and a jalapeño plant since we’re here and my seeds never took off…

Found the lady just there for plants, wearing the n95 mask and caught her taking it off just to cough. In the open air.

Needless to say we went straight to lumber to get out of there ASAP. There’s a special place in hell for that type of idiocy.


I went to in n out burger last night and I was the only person in the walk-up line with a mask. The drive thru was packed as usual and some of the people in cars had masks on. None of the employees had masks of any kind.

I enjoyed my double covid with cheese though.


Can’t believe you found a puzzle available. Everything I’m looking at is sold out. That’s the real story here. The Great Puzzle Shortage.


Well amazon is out of it, But I went to the puzzle company’s site and bought it. It’s called Springbok. There’s a cool movie poster one too.


We’ve got puzzle problems here too.



No offense.

Puzzles suck.


You have some next level sorting going on there.


I’d rather read the books I’ve bought recently that I haven’t had time to get to. Life itself is enough of a puzzle as are humans


I just finished a book. I’m on puzzles now. Before that it was baking and tie dye. Lots of coloring, walks. Gotta change it up. Might by a laser. We could use a disco in here.