Covid 19


Boris Johnson in the ICU. Crazy.


I was thinking the same thing.
Professional puzzlers at the dougo house.


I’m not bored yet honestly. I’m working a ton, like more than ever, so I guess that’s good.

I can’t tell you the last time I did a puzzle so I think it’ll be fun.


Check out these brilliant words:
What a shit leader, and human.


Agreed – doing a lot of work here as well; I find just developing a schedule that works for you gets you through. I work a usual day, roughly 8:30–5 or 6 sometimes, then relax at night. Guitar, music, and with my friends on FB, we are doing a movie each night, which is a lot of fun.


So you know how the religious crazies blame hurricanes or other natural disasters on homosexuality, lack of god in schools or Obama? Why don’t any of them blame Covid on Trump? Surely it’s gotta happen soon, right?



Because that would require logic and sanity rather than insanity and magickal thinking


I’m sure they blame Covid on homosexuality and Obama.


Like this guy:


Sweet. Maybe that’s why they’re avoiding it. Blame it on the gays, then blam! They’re gay.


That’s so Judas.


I just had a virtual happy hour with some friends of ours, and I can not recommend it enough! My mental health has been struggling with the stay at home orders, and this has definitely helped my mood. It was nice to catch up and “see” friends and see how they’ve been doing.

I have another virtual game night set up on Saturday with waves and some other friends and our partners and I’m looking forward to it as well!


It does help. We’ve been checking in with our family and friends more than we would before. Getting to see faces is nice.


agreed – I am having more video chats with family which has been good. The daily movie night with friends on FB has been nice as well.

I would say working at home has been more busy in some sense, and the meetings have not stopped, so general communication with others hasn’t really slowed at alll.


facetime, zoom, skype

both my kids are using them to see their friends.


I FaceTime with my mom and dad. They are living in an apartment in a progressive care facility. They’ve been locked up pretty tight for quite a while… my mom’s arm gets tired from holding the phone up in front of her face… it’s her only workout now as they have closed down their workout room.

My dad is having sports withdrawals. Really missing his Tigers playing baseball.

When I dropped off a couple groceries a week and a half ago I saw them and waved, but couldn’t really have a conversation or hug them and it made me really sad. I felt like I was getting away with something just saying hi from across the vestibule.


And I am good with just not talking to anyone.


I did one Zoom happy hour. It was good to talk to others. But I don’t feel a strong urge to do it again for a while. I enjoy my kids and wife and the extra time we have together now.

I’m somewhere in between Monkey and Lacey on the introvert/extrovert section. An ambivert? Non-binary?