Covid 19


I think sexting has skyrocketed.


Yeah, fuck everybody right now.

From a distance of course.


I’ve been talking to my mom on the phone more often but other than that just texting with a few friends who I usually do that with


I’ve had to venture out a couple times but I always wear a condom so I think I’m probably safe.



Due to all masses being canceled, and as a service to my family, I sometimes send a video homily using typical priest-speak. You know the kind speak I am talking about. The rambling connecting of dots that don’t really connect. Oh, and I always wear this blanket.

This is the gist of the last one…

“So what are we doing to fight the coronavirus? We are washing our hands. Jesus washed feet. You know who else has feet? Babies. What do feet have? Toenails. Toenails sounds like two nails, doesn’t it? Who had two nails in his hands? That’s right- Jesus. Think about how much that would hurt washing your hands and using Purell with holes in your hands. But Jesus does that for you. You know who else had a hand? The Hamburger Helper glove. Helper of Hamburger. Jesus helped a lot of people too!”


Truly inspiring.


You keep talking that way and I’ll see the light!


Jesus Nathan Christ, you got old.


No shit.





You’ll see the light when Ra penetrates your 7 holes at once in the middle of the night


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d become a homosexual southern Baptist minister


Trying to imagine what my life would be like if I’d been quarantined a couple years ago when I lived alone or with a roommate. Probably would’ve overdosed on porn and kush.


I’d be incredibly depressed, sleeping 16 hours a day and in an awful mental state.

Have you guys read anything about some of the suggestions on how long social distancing needs to go? I lost it and it sent me in a deep panic. It’d essentially kill all small business, have got knows how many people homeless on the streets and I can only imagine the increase in suicides.


Yes, I’m starting to wonder about the same thing. I have massive cabin fever. I certainly don’t think that there will be any concerts to go to this year. What that will mean to the artists and venues is anybody’s guess.


I feel like they’ll be done for. I know a lot of artists make their money touring and that’s how they get by,

We live in a small town of 2,500 people. Our diner and 2 bars are trying to stay open with carry out but they won’t survive and are small enough that any requirements to only have x amount of people so many feet apart will kill them as well.

I get nervous ordering takeout; but we’ve been doing it 1-2x a week so hopefully it’ll help some.

We also have a couple speciality store - comic book shop, board game store/place to play them that bring people from the city. I know they won’t survive.

We need Testing and need it now. For those who are currently sick, having mild symptoms or antibody those who think they may have had it earlier in the year. I got back from Italy towards the end of December and I was the sickest I’d ever been for a good 3+ weeks. Some similar symptoms - but I honestly thought it was a terrible terrible cold or flu (I’ve never had the flu).


Yeah, I’ve been trying to order merch and use online tip jars for some of the artists that are clearly struggling. A former CDC director was saying in the news the other day that until there’s a vaccine, there will be no events with large groups of people. So, that could be at least well into 2021. Imagine what summer will be like…


Guys, I have to go into work tomorrow. They’re asking to have one of us in my group on site one day a week to help all of us.

We are so crazy busy. Order volume is up 30-40% and we are so short staffed that they’re saying the various groups: inventory, receiving and distribution can’t stop to answer our calls and emails. I plan to stay upstairs in the office where nobody but my boss is, and only go out in the warehouse as needed.