Covid 19


Stay safe!


Thanks. I feel like I don’t have a choice.
I really don’t want to go.


just keep washing your hands, wipe down everything.

i wipe down everything here twice per day
sanitize the shit out of my hands.
wash my hands.
mask up.

we have 6 full time staff here and we need to be here for all 133 tenants. only essential people/outsiders are let in. and we check temps everyday for staff and i carry that no touch thermoscanner with me and scan tenants as they walk by :slight_smile:


Tell me about your mask game.
1 layer?
Do you use the same one all day? Wash them everyday?


double layer

hand wash at end of shift…it’s dry by the next morning.

lots and lots of nitrile gloves.


I’m assuming most here know this already, but if you want to support artists and you have extra money to spend, try buying their music/merch directly from their sites or on Bandcamp. When you stream it on Spotify the artists get next to nothing. Per stream it’s less than a penny. Bandcamp just ran a promotion where all of the money you spent went directly to the artist. Normally I think it’s 70-80% goes to the artist through their Bandcamp. But still a decent way to try and help right now.


I have to go into work tomorrow as well; and bundling that with a grocery store trip (made it two weeks without going!)

Fortunately the building I have to go to has literally 1 person there. We have face shields that are wiped down prior to and after use. And of course nitrile gloves. Being a particle physics lab, stuff needs to be clean as is, so that helps. Hoping to get in and out in under an hour.

A friend of mine made a cloth mask for me, hasn’t arrived yet – but haven’t checked the mail in a few weeks. So maybe it’s here already. In the meantime, I think we have masks at work (might be N95, not sure).

PS: My new job in Virginia is going ahead, but will be entirely remote for the time being. I start May 15. New boss said they’ll move me out there when it become practical to do so; that lab isn’t receiving anyone on site during these times, so that’s good. (I can go on site at my current lab because I’m on that magical essential list…)


That was a long day; I got up at 5, got to the grocery store at 7 when they open. Home by 7:45, then did a partial clean & put-away of groceries, then at work by 8:45–9. Got home about 12:30. Then the super involved cleaning process, wrapped up by about 3:30 (+ laundry + …). And more work from home until 6. Now it’s dinner time!


My cousin’s mom is in this nursing home and lives in the area that is most impacted. So far she is “OK”… but she’s in her mid-80’s and has many health issues. The facility never called my cousin to let her know what was going on and she had to find out from the news. I think they’ve had 16 deaths so far from her area and many staff workers testing positive as well. Not a positive.
My Aunt Nilah was divorced from my uncle years ago. And my cousin has been through a lot in the last year.


I hope she’s ok. :cherry_blossom:


My cousin Jenny went to visit today, just to show up outside her window and wave. She looks good.


She’s beautiful


I hope everyone that went into work fared well. If you need masks or anything I can mail you some. We have a box of 50 surgical masks that was in our linen closet from when my husband had the flu years before I knew him.

Dougo - glad she’s doing okay!

My grandma just got sent home from the rehab/nursing home she was in after being on a vent for half of February. We were relieved. We feel she’ll be safer in her little apartment then big nursing home, especially with needing oxygen and the damage from the pneumonia she had in February.


glad it looks like everyone is doing well, and @DougoBlue @Lacey


I respectfully submit this entry for the Urban Dictionary.

Quarintang - The negligible or sometime substantial uptick in sexual activity during a shelter-in-place order.

Yeah, it’s awful being on lockdown, the only upside is the quarintang.




Night 2 of puzzle


We have tons of puzzles from me going on a kick earlier this year. I haven’t broken them out yet.

I have ordered way too many crosswords, adult activity, sudoku, and word search books from amazon. I’ve been alternating through those in the evening.


Would prefer one of these puzzles! We have a Butterfly Migration one and a Peacock Postcard one lmao