Covid 19


I did a Star Wars puzzle one time years ago with an ex and her roommate and I remember it taking over my mind for awhile. Hadn’t felt that way for a long time until quarantine


Texas is just so fucking crazy, y’all. There was a murder just around the corner from me at a 7Eleven.

I’m fucking manic, scared, anxious and depressed. Oh, and there’s a fucking pandemic, right?

And I’ve bought back a gun I used to have. I don’t feel safe going outside AT ALL.

I was a humanist once. Once.


Well I just found out my Dad tested positive for this fucking virus. He’s 70 and pretty strong and stubborn. I think he should be fine. He’s going to be at the hospital for the next couple nights.


Oh no!!! I hope he will be ok.
Sending love to you and him. :heart:


Damn, I’m sorry to hear that Inky. I hope he starts feeling better soon.


sorry to hear that, that’s awful – I hope he recovers quickly!


fuckckckckckkc inkster :frowning:

i hope his stubbornness pays off!!! Go papa inkster!!!


I love you guys. I just got a text that he’s home. Said he made it through the worst of it Saturday. They released him and he said he’s feeling stronger. Crazy. Hadn’t hit that close to home yet.




It’s amazing!

Is it insensitive? I guess we can post on FB and find out…


It really is amazing.


That sucks about your dad inky, but sounds like he’s on the road to recovery.


Here’s a really good documentary short that was recently filmed in NYC.


Still haven’t gotten my stimulus check. And our state unemployment services are a mess. They said there’s an issue with my claim. Hearing the same thing from other people I worked with. After May 10th I’ll be entirely unemployed and only getting $200 a week in furlough pay. This country is a mess. If you’re lucky enough not to get sick you’re still facing financial ruin.


Sorry to hear this, Waves. My brother is in a similar situation as yours (e.g. overwhelmed unemployment services in his state)

I think the bailout in 2008 really divided the country, sowed more inequality, and created zero trust in government.

I actually think this corporate/bank/Wall-St friendly CARES act might actually be worse than 2008. It’s so odd how people are expected to have a saving/reserve fund, but that same expectation isn’t extended to businesses. It’s like UBI for businesses is GREAT, but there is so much distrust about giving it to individuals.



Thanks. We’re screwed. I don’t see a way out of this. Voting for Biden isn’t gonna do much. Two neoliberal parties. One that’s just completely mask off evil and the other is still mask on fake. Millions of people just lost their jobs and insurance and congress is throwing crumbs to select people while wasting trillions of dollars bailing out corporations.


sounds like all the us govt administrations in recent history…no?


Pretty much. Just exacerbated by the pandemic and exposing all the issues people had been dealing with already but worse. Don’t blame me lol, I supported Bernie.