Covid 19


Does anyone find it troubling that the makers of Lysol, after Trump suggested that maybe injecting disinfectant could cure you of the coronavirus, had to post on their website not to do that? Holy fuck!


people are so fucking stupid.


And Trump is the stupidest of all.





I never thought that I would yearn for a military coup followed by the installation of a deep state government of experts.


Gates and Bezos are already in their bunkers among their trusty Technocratic elite compatriots pulling the strings.

5g and chemtrails will save us all


Isolation Mask


Is that dryer lint?



Why, yes. It certainly is, along with knotted thread from the wash and sweet potato slices.

I’ve pretty much lost my fool mind.


I only knew because I have another artist friend making creations from dryer lint. Wonderful! The sweet potato slices are fantastic.


My masks arrived today!
Thank you so much! :heart:


My friend Jack’s son-in-law is Keith Jones, the hockey analyst on NBC sports. He texted him this picture of him in his makeshift mask.


At least 40 cars just came down my street with Young teenagers hanging out the windows and sunroofs of their parents cars, with streamers and balloons and colorful homemade signs that said “We miss you, Miss Julie!”

I stood up to watch out the front window and couldn’t believe how many cars just kept coming. I waved to some of them who were looking my way. I almost cried…I’m sure Miss Julie, whoever she is, did. :balloon:


Cut to four months from now and it comes out Miss Julie has been involved in relationships with 40 different students.


You had to go there??




All lives end with a satanic rape orgy. That’s the only spiritual epiphany I’ve found. So at least there’s that.

Here we go round on the tractor rape chain


Fuckinbg wow, man.