Covid 19


Just another note on this. Friday May 1st Bandcamp is doing another promotion for artists where proceeds for everything you purchase goes directly to the artist. I guess normally Bandcamp takes 15% from purchases so I was a little off before.




Hey @thebalvenie, were you one of those 6 monkeys they tested with the vaccine in Montana?


Hahaha belly laugh. It’s all in the delivery.



My husbands aunt just tested positive for Covid. No symptoms, but was going to have a procedure done, and I guess now they’re testing beforehand to ensure patients are healthy.

Hoping she’s one of the asymptotic people and that she’s not in for a rough ride.

I should add she’s in her late 70s/early 80s and smoked for a good 50 years.


Hope she’s okay!


Puzzle update:


Well my state/county reopened today. We’re pretending that they haven’t and keeping up with the existing guidelines.

Our governor (who was never elected) has his nose so far up Trumps ass.

That said, we’ve been just about the only ones wearing masks when we go out. We went to the hardware store to get a few duck things and we had a lady literally let out a scream of terror because we had them on. I wanted to say “we should be the ones doing that due to your lack of mask use”.


Yeah this shit is nuts. They’re making us go back to work next week. So I can go risk getting sick for $7 an hour or quit and be ineligible for unemployment. And school ends next week so I might be unemployed for the rest of the year once I turn in my grades…


Sorry you guys have to deal with re-openings; thankfully where I am in Illinois is still closed down, and my job is very cautious about all of this – same for my new job I’m starting soon (the one I was supposed to move to VA for).

Stay safe, and be careful out there


Just in time we got lucky today:


Yeah things are going to be fucked up for awhile. I want to go to Oregon and build a viking village


Why would you need a whole village to yourself though?


I will live among the sasquatch


We are not a serious country.


I sometimes get the feeling everyone in the world thinks we are crazy here in Michigan.


I know a lot (a lot!) of people have it much worse than me, but, man, this is getting old.


I went back to work Wednesday through Friday. It was very nice to see people.

My job only works from home if people answer their phones and emails. We are so busy right now that the Operations people at the warehouse don’t have time to answer phones and emails.

I have to go find them face to face to get answers.