Covid 19


They had a flyover in Detroit and other Michigan cities yesterday. Who wouldn’t love to see jets flying by the skyscrapers? Sorry, but I think this shit is stupid.



At least they weren’t shot down by the Michigan militia.


Yeah waste of money. And just seems like a thinly veiled threat that if anything gets too out of hand they’ll bomb us.


Yeah it’s sad and ironic. All that might and money wasted when the hidden enemy slipped in undetected and invulnerable





I just got word that my aunt has tested positive for Coronavirus. They thought she’d had A stroke, but it turned out to be a urinary tract infection leaving her feeling disoriented. When they took her to the hospital she tested positive. She has quite a few underlying health issues and it doesn’t sound good, but she has no respiratory issues or symptoms, so maybe not as bad as a severe stroke - which is how it was first described.


sorry to hear @DougoBlue – I hope it stays mild and she recovers soon


Yes, me too. :two_hearts:


I hope your aunt recovers quickly, Dougo!


She’s drinking that Busch n/a, so she’s a fighter. Hoping she recovers well.


Good news! My cousin’s mom has been discharged from the hospital. Even though she is in her 80’s and has tons of health issues - other than testing positive for Covid 19, she is much better and is returning to the nursing home.

The bad news is Midland, where my cousin lives is flooded after two dams gave way.


I’m glad she is okay. I’ve seen the photos of the flooding. Horrible.


Yes, and part of the area that is flooded is where Dow Chemical and DuPont are… could be an even more catastrophic situation there.


Why do people still live in Michigsn again?


That’s some good news @DougoBlue! Well – not the flooding, of course



John Joseph Reed Jr. 74 Edmonds, Wa

Bless the Times for doing this. It’s like they didn’t exist.


We had a gig last night. Our bars are open to 40% capacity. Table service only, 5 max per table…

It all started off well but as the night progresses people get drunk and forget all about the virus. Hugging, grabby, talking too close. Drunk people tend to spit when they talk too. Needless to say we’ll be passing on that gig for a while.


…and slobber.