Covid 19


…and have sex in the bathroom.


Or so I hear.


Yes, all these things.


I can’t imagine going to a show right now.




I’m an underwriter. And I handle products that have had a huge hit due to Covid. I may have a heart attack due to the stress this is causing me. We’re not budging on things, agents are mad, I’m having constant anxiety.

I’d like to go back to a lower-management position. I felt like I was babysitting, but for the most part it was a lot less stress.


It will be interesting to see how big insurance corporations scramble around to make sure their profits are still maximized… as the shareholders will insist.


I kind of want to laugh at this poor, inconvenienced young woman who is actually holding a mask in her hand.
I will not laugh, but I kind of want to so I’ll just emoji :smile::laughing::joy::rofl:


As a woman, how do you feel about the Karen meme?

I think if the name is used correctly (to describe a spoiled white woman, often using her status as a white woman to make a ridiculous demand or complaint) than it is justified.


My gf’s cousin got covid down in Louisiana. She’s a college student maga crossfitter who refused to quit going out partying and “quarantined” with her friends and neighbors. And I just heard today that someone I work with has it. Thus far they don’t think he came to work while sick but still waiting to hear back.


I’m not sure how the name Karen was chosen to represent entitled bitchy white women but it seems to fit.
As a white woman I too have crossed a few paths with those Karens. They seem to be everywhere.


I’ll play devil’s advocate here. If referring to a bitchy, entitled, white woman as “Karen” is justified. Is it then justified to refer to a mouthy, bitchy, black woman as “Shaniqua” or something to that effect? I’m assuming that’s a big no.

We used to call the young (18-23), bitchy, spoiled brat, white females Stacy. And not because their moms had it goin’ on.


i want to start an instapage called Karensinthewild



one is making fun of entitled spoiled bitches…the other would be considered racist…


Wait. The description I saw for “Karen” clearly had “white” in addition to the other descriptive wording. That’s why I asked. So one is racist & the other isn’t. I see.


I grew up in Chicago and chose to go to a girls private high school that had 80% black girls attending because it was closer to home and quicker for me to get home and go to work at a grocery store in the evening.
I have to say that very rarely did these girls go off on a tangent because they were told to do something.
My experience with bitchy white women happened as I worked in retail.
Black women weren’t shitty with the employees and if there were, it wasn’t that bad for it to stand out in my memory.
I do know there are plenty of entitled white women who behave as if they are better than everyone else and think they can treat others who in their eyes are “beneath them” as if they have some sort of authority.
This young woman in the video looks like she is having a temper tantrum.

I don’t want to laugh at her but she looks ridiculous.

On the other hand she seems to be suffering some sort of mental anguish. I can see she went grocery shopping alone and filled her cart to feed an entire family.
Right as she was about to checkout she lost it as she was holding her mask in her hand.
I wasn’t with her on that day to see why being told to put on her mask seemed to be the last straw but I also wonder what is happening in her life for her to become completely unhinged about it.


Very thoughtful and empathetic response.


White women occupy a complete different place in society than black women. How they are treated, the lines they can cross, and how their lives are valued, etc.

If you want an example, Breonna Taylor.


Here is an example of Karen not needed any empathy.
She is crazy stupid: